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What If I Don’t Like Giving Blow Jobs?

Dear Most Brave Girl, My boyfriend really likes blow jobs but I really don’t like giving them. What should I do? Sincerely, What’s Wrong with an Old-Fashioned? Dear WWOF, There are a few legitimate reasons for disliking blo...
by Most Brave Girl

Couple Listening To MP3 Player On Headphones Relaxing Laying On Rug At Home

Soundtrack to Sex

If you’ve ever lived in a dorm room, or in any apartment with walls so thin you could hear your neighbor sneeze, you’ll recognize the importance of music during a hook up.  However, girls can often get a little more distra...
by Rose Schuchat



Top 5 Reasons You Should Have More Sex

Nothing is sexier than science, right? RIGHT? I would be totally down to date science if it was a person. Here are the top five reasons you should listen to science and get down to business. 1. It Will Make You Feel Better. Hav...
by Most Brave Girl



Future Sext

Occasionally when I look at my smart phone I’m reminded of the real possibility that it may eventually develop a mind of it’s own, and kill the human race. That said, I also have begun to realize how many avenues it’s ope...
by Hannah Warner


How to Kiss: the Evolution of Kissing

The other day I was pondering about how I, as a human woman, learned the fine art of kissing.  How to kiss is not something that I think about too much anymore, but it DEFINITELY was something I’ve thought a lot about in the...
by Hannah Warner