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Why You Should Talk During Sex

Now I don’t exactly mean talking dirty. I am not going to give you advice on what nicknames to call your partner in bed or tell you what kind of new kinky things to do. I am going to tell you how to communicate your likes, di...
by Claudia Alpert


Future Sext

Occasionally when I look at my smart phone I’m reminded of the real possibility that it may eventually develop a mind of it’s own, and kill the human race. That said, I also have begun to realize how many avenues it’s ope...
by Hannah Warner


couple in love

Spice up Your Love Life with a Sexy Scavenger Hunt

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the different ways you can show your love to your partner. One of the ideas was a simple romantic scavenger hunt, but this week I’ll show you how this fun little game can be spiced up ...
by Shana Diaz



On Virginity

Our society is full of conflicting messages, but none is more glaringly confusing than the promotion of virginity in a truly sex-crazed society. Young girls and boys everywhere are bombarded by sexual images and notions on a da...
by Hannah Goodman

sexy dude

Best Gift For A Man

Let me guess- with the holidays here, you’re stressing about what to get your man? Don’t fret! The best gift for him is not purchased in any store. Here’s how to make his holiday extra special: Praise Him If you’re usua...
by Samantha Daniel