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Should You Have Sex with an Ex?

While most would advise you to stay far away from having sex with an ex for fear of lingering feelings getting stronger or stifled emotions resurfacing, I say go for it, as long as you proceed with caution. If you are thinking ...
by Ely Torres


Why You Should Talk During Sex

Now I don’t exactly mean talking dirty. I am not going to give you advice on what nicknames to call your partner in bed or tell you what kind of new kinky things to do. I am going to tell you how to communicate your likes, di...
by Claudia Alpert



Foot Fetish

You’ve heard of many different kinds of fetishes. They are as diverse as they are unending. But none of them are as popular as The Feet! Some guys are obsessed with feet – either massaging them or admiring them. But most gu...
by Samantha Daniel



Friends With Benefits – Can They Really Benefit You?

Times are crazy, these days, and most people seem to be afraid of commitment. So the question, “Should I have casual sex with this person?” is coming up frequently for everyone, it seems. Unfortunately, though, ther...
by Hannah Goodman

Caucasian Woman

Sexy Valentine Search

Most women in a relationship right now can say that they’re looking for a unique and seductive Valentine’s Day gift for their man, and should consider sending him on a Sexy Valentine Search. Set Up The Search Set up...
by Hannah Goodman