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How To Seduce

Talk to Them Everybody is turned on in a different way; no two people react in the exact same way, no one person reacts in the exact same way every time. Seduction is interpreted individually. Don’t be scared to ask your ...
by Hannah Goodman


Why His Sex Number Doesn’t Matter (And Neither Does Yours!)

Dear Most Brave Girl, I’ve been dating a guy for a little while, but he comes with a reputation. He’s slept with a lot more people than I have. It makes me nervous. What should I do? Sincerely, Distressed Erotic Female Just...
by Most Brave Girl



The Upside of Having a Male Friend Who Wants to Bang You

The part of being a woman that sounds the worst to me (besides the pregnancy, the periods and the systematic institutionalized oppression) is the uncertainty. As men are society’s sexual aggressors, it’s rare that a guy sta...
by Abiel Bruhn


What You Wished You Had Known Before Having Sex

What You Wished You Had Known Before Having Sex

Hollywood beautifies sex via smooth love scenes and impossible to reenact porn. Most of anything sexual seen on TV is not very realistic to expect in the real bedroom. Unfortunately most children get some off the wall talk that...
by Amanda Juarez

Young couple kissiing

How to Touch a Woman

Oh foreplay, you never stop being amazing do you? Some people think that foreplay is just what you have to get through to get to intercourse, but for a woman, it can be a game-changer for the sex to come. By building up intensi...
by Lauren Volpe