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How Not to Kiss

Kissing is my favorite sport, because it’s free and fun. That being said, I’ve had some intensely bad kisses. There are a few ways that a kiss can go very wrong. Here are a few examples of a bad kisser. The Bird Peck: Y...
by Lauren Volpe

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Best Gift For A Man

Let me guess- with the holidays here, you’re stressing about what to get your man? Don’t fret! The best gift for him is not purchased in any store. Here’s how to make his holiday extra special: Praise Him If you’re usua...
by Samantha Daniel



How Much Sex Should You Be Having?

This week in obvious news, a recent study shows that the more often we have sex, the more likely we’ll report an increased level of happiness. In far more interesting news, it turns out that it’s not just the absolute amoun...
by Most Brave Girl



Why Sext?

Why Sext? Let’s say you’ve been off the market for a few years, recently had a break up, or you are looking for the perfect way to turn your girl on, sexting is for you. While the world of sexting grows exponentially every ...
by Naomi Rouff

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All though we are all turned on by different things, some seductions are undeniably irresistible. The following are dos and don’ts of enticing that other person: The Build Up Do: Send flirty and forward text messages that kee...
by Samantha Daniel