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Revive Your Sexiness

Revive Your Sexiness

Everyone loves feeling sexy, but sometimes we lose the self confidence necessary to keep that feeling. Life’s curveballs can interfere with how you feel. When you revive your sexiness, it can benefit in other ways as well...
by Amanda Juarez


How To Seduce

Talk to Them Everybody is turned on in a different way; no two people react in the exact same way, no one person reacts in the exact same way every time. Seduction is interpreted individually. Don’t be scared to ask your ...
by Hannah Goodman


sexy dude

Best Gift For A Man

Let me guess- with the holidays here, you’re stressing about what to get your man? Don’t fret! The best gift for him is not purchased in any store. Here’s how to make his holiday extra special: Praise Him If you’re usua...
by Samantha Daniel


Friends With Benefits

Are Friends With Benefits Really Worth It?

There’s a sweet person who’s been your friend forever and is always there for you. Currently both of you are unattached. If you guys starting casually hooking up, maybe it would ease some of your lonely feelings. ...
by Amanda Juarez


How to Kiss: the Evolution of Kissing

The other day I was pondering about how I, as a human woman, learned the fine art of kissing.  How to kiss is not something that I think about too much anymore, but it DEFINITELY was something I’ve thought a lot about in the...
by Hannah Warner