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Soundtrack to Sex

If you’ve ever lived in a dorm room, or in any apartment with walls so thin you could hear your neighbor sneeze, you’ll recognize the importance of music during a hook up.  However, girls can often get a little more distra...
by Rose Schuchat


A Field Guide to Handling Your Partner’s Fetish

So, maybe your partner just admitted that they have a secret fetish. Your reaction may be 100% open and willing. But if you’re feeling a little hesitant, follow these steps to consider and decide about your actions. Don’t f...
by Lauren Volpe



Why You Should Talk During Sex

Now I don’t exactly mean talking dirty. I am not going to give you advice on what nicknames to call your partner in bed or tell you what kind of new kinky things to do. I am going to tell you how to communicate your likes, di...
by Claudia Alpert


Revive Your Sexiness

Revive Your Sexiness

Everyone loves feeling sexy, but sometimes we lose the self confidence necessary to keep that feeling. Life’s curveballs can interfere with how you feel. When you revive your sexiness, it can benefit in other ways as well...
by Amanda Juarez


How Not to Kiss

Kissing is my favorite sport, because it’s free and fun. That being said, I’ve had some intensely bad kisses. There are a few ways that a kiss can go very wrong. Here are a few examples of a bad kisser. The Bird Peck: Y...
by Lauren Volpe