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Getting an International Lady

Many men from the USA dream of developing a relationship with a foreign lady, this is certainly not a new desire in American men…it is just more possible to actually do now thanks to the Internet, Skype and inexpensive phone ...
by Chris Brown


Watch Romantic Movies Without Feeling Like Crap

I’ll be the first to admit, I am a sucker for romantic movies (Seriously, I have seen almost every movie in the romance section of Netflix). During so, I laugh, I cry, I sigh at the thought of having such an incredibly ro...
by Claudia Alpert



What Facebook Can Tell You About Love

It turns out everyone’s favorite social media website has been doing some research on our love lives. A special subdivision of Facebook called Facebook Data Science posted a series of blog posts earlier this month about relat...
by Elisa Freese


Young couple in love

When You Hold Different Beliefs

Our religious or spiritual beliefs, whatever they may be, help to guide and shape our lives. The decisions that we make  are shaped from these convictions that we  hold. While we know that the success of a relationship does n...
by Elizabeth Monsoor

bros before hos

Bros Before Hos – For Everyone

Everyone’s heard it before; “Bros Before Hos” might as well be the young male generation’s slogan. Most guys will choose to spend more time with their friends than their girlfriends. Why don’t girls feel the same way,...
by Hannah Goodman