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March 5, 2013

First Date Tips: Ditch Dull Dinner Dining

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Written by: Hannah Fredenberg
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Dinner utensils clink away, making the awkward silences that much more evident.  You dab your lip ever so gingerly with your napkin as the balsamic salad dressing just doesn’t quite cleanly make the cut into your mouth. Your date’s incredibly gorgeous eyes graze you for a moment, actively trying to conjure up one of those typical autobiography questions to ask you while you’re in mid-chew action. Talk about unsexy.
Let’s be real, the first dates with a new guy shouldn’t feel like a pressured interview!  The cliché dinner date for a first (or second) date is one of the most artificial and forced ways to really ease into the natural chemistry you two felt in the first place.  Get back those flirty and fun butterflies you feel with a potential partner with some of these easy-going and engaging date ideas:


Coffee Date & Chill Walk

You can’t go wrong with a cozy, comfortable atmosphere and a warm latte to keep things relaxed with a new date.  Folksy indie music and the quiet buzz of other newbie or comfortable couples doing the same make the mood refreshing and simple.  Wear that cute adorable beanie you have as well to cinch that laid-back vibe that drew him in when he first laid eyes on you!  If the coffee catch-up goes well, throw on that scarf and meander around an urban town together to keep the easy exchange flowing…and possibly score that sweet kiss (or at least a second call-back).


Art Gallery or Museum

Is your cutie the intellectual type?  Invigorate both of your minds with some easy ambling at an art museum or gallery. Show off your philosophical side by sharing what you know or what your opinions are on certain works.  Your guy will truly be able to tell that you’re more than just a pretty face when you can actually engage in conversation about art or other deeper thoughts on art, philosophy, beliefs, anything.  Or don’t talk at all at certain times, just gaze, explore, read the artist biographies—this will show your guy that you are comfortable just being around him—and that you’re an easy-going, cool/calm/collected babe with a brain!  Major man-winning points.



Drive-In Theater

If you’re not feeling incredibly chatty for the evening, suggest that and your possible new beau go to a drive-in theatre and watch a new flick you both would be interested in.  Choose a comedy that’s game for either men or women, or perhaps even a non-serious independent film—we don’t want to sap on the romance or dramas at this stage, ladies!  Ideally find a drive-in theatre that’s at least a twenty-minute to half-hour drive so you can chat in the car on the way—or find those indiscrete ways to talk about music tastes while radio jams (or a CD tracks you love) are playing.  Once you get to the location, that large-sized popcorn share-for-two is a must—-that accidental graze of your hands brushing while grabbing for the next bite is sure to keep the date traditional, but yet still young and exhilarating.


Amusement Park

A way to really get your adrenaline rushing is to take your crush to roller coaster rides that will unforgettably get his arousal rates soaring.  Just make sure first that he’s a fan of intense amusement park rides as well before you seal the date: it would make a disaster for the man who hates heights or gets queasy (yikes).  Waiting in endlessly long lines together will keep the anticipation at even-keel and will let you effortlessly chat.   The ride itself will amp up the thrill of the ride (and the ride you two may perhaps be off to emotionally!) You’re bound to have some laughing moments, easy banter, and a possible hand to hold as you head to the next terrifyingly thrilling ride together.


(Petting) Zoo

If you’re a sweetheart type, what could better place to show your true colors with a guy than by asking him to walk around at a zoo? Laughing at the ridiculous monkeys, watching the seal show, or picking out your favorite animal to see makes for a simple day filled with adorableness—the animals, your guy, and the two of you together.  However, this is a riskier pick if you don’t want to seem too sentimental or childish with a certain guy.  Just be sure to choose the demeanor you want to portray (sweet, laid-back, or a combo) and you’ll score the type of guy that will be impressed either way.


Sucker for music?  Prefer feeling emotion over saying it?  Let you and your guy embrace the sublime energy behind a good band and the energy between you two by going to a concert of some sort.  Jam band, indie artist, rock band, you name it.  Whatever you feel most emotionally connected to will show a guy just what is that taps into what psyches you.  Music is a great connecting bond in general, and hopefully the vibes between the two of you will be just as noteworthy as those amazing lyrics and instrumentals.

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