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October 30, 2013

3 Ways to Tell That You Are the Side Chick


Side chick, sidepiece, jump-off, or whatever term that might be popular in your neck of the woods– most women don’t ever want to be called it. But unfortunately, no matter how diligent we think we are in picking men, we still might occasionally find ourselves being referred to as one of the above.

Men can be very confusing. They often say one thing and then do another – with us being none the wiser. And with most guys only out for one thing (yes… you know what I’m talking about – that thing), it can be hard for a woman to tell if a guy is serious or if they are just being a player.

Ladies, if your guy is guilty of one of these three things – you might need to reevaluate your ‘relationship’.

1. He is constantly MIA

Do you go through periods of time where it seems like your guy forgets that you exist? Days or even weeks might pass with no word, before he suddenly pops up with some lame excuse and you eagerly jump at whatever bone he may throw your way? Oh…his cousin’s dog got run over and he has been out of town attending a pet funeral for the past two weeks? Sounds completely plausible. Come on – you’re smarter than that! You’re basically his last resort- and deep down you know it. When all his other prospects dry up, he comes knocking on your door and you faithfully answer it. Please…just  stop it. If a guy only calls or texts you now and again – nine times out of ten – he’s not serious about you and is not interested in pursuing a relationship with you. Sorry.

2. You have never seen each other in the light of day

Does your guy only hit you up between the hours of 12AM to 6AM?  Is the only place you are ever together the inside of a bedroom? Okay, okay my bad – he took you to the movies that one time over four months ago. Yes things are going great for you guys!!! Stop with the excuses. If your guy doesn’t make the effort to take you on dates and get to know you on a deeper level – chances are he is only after one thing.

3. You’re still just friends

Most great relationships start out as friendships. But it’s a different story if you are giving up the goodies and are still in the ‘friend zone’ 6+ months later. If you are just having some fun and fulfilling your needs – more power to you! But if you are giving it up while keeping your fingers crossed for something more – don’t hold your breath. If a guy still isn’t claiming you after a significant time period of dating, it’s time to cut your losses and move along.

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