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February 11, 2014

5 Signs of Sex Addiction

Signs of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is considered a legitimate addiction by some medical groups while unlabeled by others. While the idea of being addicted to sex may be comical, it is anything but funny.  Many victims suffer in silence either from embarrassment or because they don’t know they have an actual addiction. The American Society for Addiction Medication defines addiction with the five characteristics below. I’ve applied the general characteristics of addiction to signs of sex addiction. Because sex addiction can be so varied, everyone will sound like slight addicts, but remember this addiction will significantly affect your daily life and while each symptom can fall under multiple characteristics, for the sake of not being repetitive, I will only classify under one category.

1. Inability to consistently abstain from sexual acts.

Being unable to control your desire or refrain from sexual acts is one of the first signs we will discuss.  This can be anywhere from living a double life to cover sexual tendencies to covering cheating. Cheating one time doesn’t necessarily constitute addiction, but being unable to stop cheating even after being caught and promising to never do it again would be.  Another part of this characteristic could be displayed as needing a sexual release even when you don’t want it.

2. Impairment in controlling behavior.

Any changes in behavior or unable to control certain behaviors would fall under this character. Some of these changes could be consistently late for work or personal events. Also repetitively canceling dates with family and friends points to a behavioral problem.  Warning signs of this could be mommy or daddy issues. While not all sexual addicts will lead to anything worse, in some instances it could be a precursor to being a sexual offender.

3. Craving or increased desire for sex or sexually rewarding experiences.

Many sexual outlets are normal, but in these cases this is considered obsessively and extreme, not once in a while or on occasion. Excessive porn, voyeurism, and constantly seeking partners whether that is online dating or phone/cyber sex are signs that can be hidden from friends and family and might be difficult to detect.

4. Inability to recognize significant problems with behaviors or relationships.

Significant problems with behaviors can be recognized with risking your own health. This could be by having unsafe sex or even picking up prostitutes. Sometimes the addict can even have cash flow issues from paying for prostitutes instead of paying for necessities like bills and any kind of legal issues are a big red flag.

5. Dysfunctional emotional responses.

If you think you have a problem with sexual addiction then that could be a good sign that you need to seek help which can progress to self hating and loathing. If you are at this point then you should seek some kind of professional help.


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