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May 9, 2013

Mother’s Day – A Gift for Your Boyfriend’s Mom?


I’m lounging on the couch watching “The Voice” (yes – I’ve become hooked on this show) when my brother’s fiancé casually mentions that she made our mom a heartwarming photo album on Shutterfly for Mother’s Day.


My brother and I hadn’t even discussed getting our mom a gift yet. We usually feel pretty good about ourselves when we show up for a Mother’s Day lunch….that my dad pays for.  Kidding! I may go out of my way and pick up a nice card at the local grocery store.

That got me thinking: should I send my boyfriend’s mom a Mother’s Day gift? That would be really nice, right? And if so, what would be an appropriate gift?

Here’s my advice – only buy your boyfriend’s mom a gift if it feels natural. For example, my brother’s fiancé has been around six years and is basically a part of our family (officially becoming a Potrykus in summer 2014!) She also just happens to be one of those “thoughtful” types of people, so her gift to our mom is not weird.

It just makes my brother and I look like punks.

All joking aside, use these scenarios below to help you decide if you should get your boyfriend/fiancé/husband’s mom a gift, and if so – what would be appropriate to buy her.

SCENARIO #1 – The “Premature Overachiever”

We’ve been dating for about four months and I’ve met his mom twice. I think the guy I’m dating would really love it if I got her this $40 gift basket from the local florist.”

ADVICE: Four months? In other words – you still need to focus on getting to know the guy, much less worry about creating a relationship with his mom. Unless you’ve already become buddy-buddy with this woman, purchasing a gift could make you look like you’re trying too hard – and might make the guy you’re dating feel slightly uncomfortable. Summary: no gift necessary.

SCENARIO #2 – The “In-Betweener”

I’ve been with the guy for two years. He could possibly be ‘the one.’ His mom adores me already. She and I are not BFF’s but we do enjoy each other’s company. ”

ADVICE: Two years huh? That’s pretty solid. It’s great that his mom really likes you, too. You could go either way on this one – depending on, again, what feels natural to you. Summary: If you decide to do a gift, make it simple – a bottle of wine, some fresh flowers – or even a thoughtful card would do just fine.

SCENARIO #3 – The “I’m in for the Long Haul”

We have been together 5+ years and marriage is a very real possibility. I see his mom a few times a month and we even exchange emails.”

ADVICE: Sounds like you are already an “adopted daughter” or will very soon be becoming an in-law. If you’re this close with his mom, you may want to consider giving her a gift. She did, after all, give birth to the man you adore! Summary:  Regardless if you decide to give a small gift (i.e. flowers, a thoughtful card or wine) or a larger one (i.e. a Canvas & Cocktails outing for the two of you, a gift basket or photo album), your honey’s mom will surely feel special this Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there!

About the Author

Angela Potrykus
A freelance writer based in Denver, Angela earned her M.A. in Journalism from the University of Missouri. She’s “that” friend who isn’t afraid to dish about the good, bad and, yes - the ugly - aspects of dating, relationships and sex. Angela looks forward to sharing her relationship advice through the use of humorous first, second and third-person accounts.

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