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May 14, 2013

Dating Advice for Meeting Up With Your Cyber Boyfriend


Checking my online dating profile always sends me into a giggle-fest of shame.  Hello online boyfriends.  It’s fun to pseudo anonymously feed off the attention of cyber suitors – it’s so much fun.  At some point though, you got to call your own bluff and actually pursue one of them. And have your Cyber Boyfriend.  This can be tricky, there’s a lot to worry about with this kind of transition.  Stranger danger is still a thing – I doubt okcupid vetted any of their bachelors to see if they were the Craigslist-killer.  In support of staying alive and finding love I’ve put together some keen dating advice for meeting up with your internet boo.

Go Somewhere Public

Need I say more?  Don’t tell this dude where you live, find a common ground with other people around in case he’s a total stage five clinger. You don’t have to worry about him standing outside your window at night with a boom box over his head trying to seduce you, slash, strangle you.


It’s always good when first dates are built around an activity – that way you’re not just relentlessly making small talk all night, it’ll give you something else to do.  Concerts have the conversation avenues of reviewing the show, talking about music in general, making fun of strange concert-goers around you, and it also gives you the potential foreplay of dancing.  Other great, activity oriented first date spots are: trivia nights at your favorite pub, art shows at galleries, comedy nights, going to see a reading of your favorite author…

Have an Out

As bitchy as this can be, having a plan B in case your cyber babe turns out to be a catfish is crucial.  The classic, get out of jail/date card is the emergency phone call.  All you have to do is, recruit one of your girlfriends to call or text you in the middle of the date with a time sensitive problem.  If the date is failing, answer the phone and be like, “My friend locked herself out of her house/car and I have her spare.  Gotta go! Thanks for the date!”  Avoid using cliché emergencies, because that is the biggest tell.  He’s going to wonder if your grandma and your date have a synchronized death – not a super likely scenario.  Every-day oops’s are the way to go.

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Hannah Warner is the Content Developer for Love is Everywhere. Hannah is currently working with Anna on 'Love is Everywhere' her most recent book and giving as much advice on love, dating and more to Nouveau Dating readers.

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