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May 16, 2013



Ever found your heart racing so fast you think it might beat right out of your chest? And no, I don’t mean when you’re sprinting at your 6am cycling class. I mean that head spinning, intoxicating time when you’re about to kiss your new crush (or when you’re thinking about it) for the first time. I know you’ve felt it, when you’ve fumbled for your keys outside your door or lingered in his car just long enough for him to know you’re not quite ready for the night to be over. You think the anticipation may just be enough to make you pass out…

But wait! What if it’s awkward? What if you bump heads? What if he uses too much tongue? What if you miss his lips? You have to try or you’ll never know in the first place. So follow these 3 simple steps and make that first kiss as dreamy as any movie.

1.    Lean Right

According to a recent TicTac commercial, 74% of people lean to the right. So chances are if you lean right you won’t bump heads, noses or worse get some sort of kissing induced injury. But don’t over think it, otherwise you might find yourself on the ground.

2.    Take it Slow

A first kiss should be approached lightly. Nothing is going to be scarier for you or him if one of you attacks the other. If you move a little faster, he will follow and you should do the same. The passion between you two is what drives any kiss further.

3.    Stop Worrying

All this worry is going to get you nowhere, except maybe home by yourself. If you build up too much anxiety, the closest thing you’ll see to a kiss will be mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. And lets face it, no one looks that pretty when they faint. So relax, take a breath and remember if he likes you as much as you like him it’ll be perfect however it is.

If you keep these tips in mind when going in for your first kiss, it is sure to be a great one!

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Naomi Rouff
Naomi is the CEO at Nouveau Dating and is a natural writer on love, dating and relationships. She loves to share her knowledge on these topics and hopes to provide some fun and laughs along the way.

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