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December 30, 2013

The Guide to Dating a Younger Man

dating a younger man

There’s nothing wrong with a woman dating a younger man. Nowadays more and more couples are ignoring the age difference stigma. If you find a man that  happens to be younger, but who also fills you with passion, understands you, and your music play lists match 90% of the time, age shouldn’t even be a consideration anymore. Age shouldn’t matter in a relationship, whether it’s two years or fifteen years. Yes, there are people who will look down on you, but forget them. Anyone who truly cares for you only cares that you’re with someone that makes you happy. Here are a few tips if you’re hesitant about dating a younger man.

Keep an open mind, experience new and fun things. The age difference will bring new experience, so try to appreciate your differences and celebrate the similarities.

It’s okay to take care of him, but never mother him. Imparting your great wisdom on him is just fine, but don’t try to correct him all the time or make snarky “I told you so,” comments. Remember how you felt growing up when your parents tried to impart their knowledge on you instead of learning your own lessons? Don’t let offhand comments create an unwanted rift or even resentment in your relationship.

If you like to cook, he’ll be thrilled to eat anything you cook, even if it isn’t gourmet. Whether he longs for those home-cooked meals from his mother or if he’s never had home-prepared food, he will have great responses to your cooking.

You won’t have to worry about being introduced as daddy’s new friend. Chances are he doesn’t have kids or an ex-wife, which removes a lot of possible awkward moments and unwanted stress.

Younger men will accept you as you are, and are less likely to feel the need to control you. They understand the need for freedom and individuality. They also love the self-confidence that inevitably results from being secure in who you are and what you want. Indecisiveness and insecurity often top the list of mens’ complaints about women. Don’t worry about your body either; rest easy knowing that if a man is with you, he loves your body. Even though your body changes as you age, those changes aren’t as noticeable as you think they are, so don’t let it get to you.

Sex of course, you knew it would be on the list and it was saved for last. Male sexuality peaks earlier than female, so dating younger men makes perfect biological sense. Teaching an old dog new tricks is almost impossible, but a younger man will be receptive to learning your personal desires. Bonus: pill-popping probably won’t be prerequisite to sex and he’ll have plenty of energy.

Whatever you do, don’t assume that it won’t work just because he’s a few years younger than you.  If you are hung up on societal norms and what other people think, you might miss out on a wonderful relationship.

Since we’ve covered what to do, here’s a list of what not to do.

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