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January 8, 2014

Tips for Dating an Older Man


At one point in time, every woman has looked at an older man and thought oh my god, whether the man was stranger passing on the street or George Clooney. There’s a huge difference between a silent swoon over a mental fantasy that will never happen and actually asking out a guy who is ten years your senior. Don’t let the love of your life pass you by just because he seems too old for you.


Coffee shops are a good bet when you’re trying to meet someone regardless of age, but the time of day dictates the coffee shop demographic. Stopping for coffee earlier in the morning or after a typical work day is the best bet. If you’re looking later in the day, a sports bar and grill in the early evening is sure to have the men you’re looking for. Car shows also bring in a variety of men if you’re into cars (or you don’t mind when your guy is). Also, online dating is becoming more and more popular and some sites specialize in hooking people up from different age ranges.


Don’t be the woman who brings drama into an older man’s life. Remember to give him space. Chances are he already has routines that he follows, like drinking scotch and smoking cigars with the guys every Thursday night, or maybe he has kids. Either way, show how independent you are by not texting him every half hour.

What (Not) to Talk About

When it comes to aging, don’t complain about getting older and definitely don’t point out his new grey hairs. Also, keep in mind that if he is almost two generations older or more, you’ll have to be prepared to deal with end-of-life arrangements. The larger the age gap, the more likely you will outlive your partner, so make sure you can handle that.

The Dreaded Ex

This name usually sits on the same level as a curse word, and depending on the ex, that can even be an understatement. The older your date, the more likely he is to have an ex wife. While it might be a sore conversation topic, it could also be a valuable insight into your new man’s character. If he calls her a lunatic, it might be an early warning sign to his true nature. On the other hand, it might help bring insight on issues that you might face in your relationship.

Daddy’s New Friend.

Kids. Don’t try to step in and act like mom. First of all you might be their age, and second of all, they’re his kids, not yours. The best way to deal with them is to be respectful and reach out (if their dad is keen on you guys all having a relationship), but not too aggresively.

Trophy, You Are Not

Make sure you actually have common interests, because being the eye candy he flaunts around on his arm isn’t what you want in a real relationship.

Maturity, Maturity, and Did I Say Maturity?

Always expect to pay your own way, and then be pleasantly surprised when he pays for you. Don’t play games; Chances are he’s seen them all and won’t be impressed or fall for them. Act your age. There’s a reason that he’s attracted to younger women. Women his age have a more traditional mindset and are mostly more set in their ways. He’s probably drawn to your carefree attitude and non-judgmental ways, so laughing at him when he’s goofy or makes a dorky joke will steal his heart.

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