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April 10, 2013

Dating Tips: Texting


One of the hardest things I have discovered as a single person, is texting a new potential main squeeze.  There are a lot of factors that may or may not put the kibosh on things before they even start.  However, there is also that chance that it may lead you into the realm of 21st century romance, a place past all the “what’s up’s” and single letter responses.  It all really hinges on three factors. Here’s some dating tips for successful texting…


It’s sexy when a person can use things like parenthesis or quotation marks successfully in texts.  There’s a lot of humor to be had in these things.  Why not when responding to a painfully casual “what’s up” text, say what you’re up to and then at the end, in parenthesis throw in a little compliment like, “(you looked beautiful today)”.  Or if you’re trying to be extra clever, maybe throw some funny quotes around something to imply double meaning: “want to go “watch a movie”?”.

The area where texting always goes preteen psycho is the exclamation point.  Over excitement in writing isn’t good.  If you text “how was your day?” but add in extra punctuation so it turns into “how way your day?!?!” you’re heading down the road of an insecure, overexcited lil’ pup.   Becoming one of these animals via text is so unattractive.  In order to keep up the mystic of a sexy, smart person, limit your usage of exclamation points.


If you’re texting someone, there should be an endpoint, a direction the conversation is going.  Sending “how are you’s” willy-nilly with no follow up like, “are you free tonight” will inevitably secure you and your babe in a terribly boring “I’m not bad, you?” loop.  An exception to this dating tip though is when you see or do something that reminded you of the other person.  Say you’re out and you see a goofy looking kid wearing a faded Blink-182 shirt and it reminds you of that picture your beau showed you of him at thirteen.  Sending “I just found your teenage doppelganger” is fine, there doesn’t need to be more of a point than that.  It’s a sweet “thinking of you” hallmark.  Everyone likes these and they should probably happen more often.

 Textual Giggling

It’s hard to make a joke over a text and not immediately signify that you were joking through a thousand lol’s and harharhar’s.  But, it takes a true confident adult to not immediately crumble under the “will they get it” weight.  It’s better to joke and have the response be “what?” than to joke and sound like you’ve had one-too-many because of the storm of giggles that follow.

Ultimately, texting can show whether or not a person feels confident in their advances.  Lots of extra text-babble can immediately turn a person from sexy to insecure, and especially in the beginnings of a relationship this can really do a lot to kill the vibe.  Stay cool, collected, and stick to these three tips when texting.

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