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April 25, 2013

Defining A Douchebag

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Written by: Aliza Chudnow
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Have you ever been at a bar where a guy comes up to you and offers to buy you the most expensive drink they make because according to him he makes a ton of money and can afford to buy whatever he wants? Have you ever received a text from a guy claiming that he knows you love him and want to talk to him every second of every day? How about when a guy declares he knows way more than everyone else on a certain subject, and especially more than you? If you answer yes to any of these questions, I am afraid you are unfortunately dealing with the type of male that can be categorized as one phrase and one phrase only, a douchebag.

In case you are a little hazy on what exactly defines a douche bag, let me break down for you three different types of this growing male trend to steer clear from when trying to find Mr. Right.

The Egotistical Douchebag: If the guy you go a first date with, spends the whole time talking about himself and how great he is, you have run into what I like to call an egotistical douchebag. Maybe he is trying really hard to impress you or maybe he just loves to hear the sound of his own voice. Being in a relationship with someone like this could easily turn into a one way relationship where the guy is focused on one person only, himself.

The ‘I’m hot shit’ Douchebag: These are the guys who love looking at themselves in the mirror. When they wave at a girl across the room they make sure to flex their arm and show off their muscles.  Not only do they try to look like a Ken doll with tight v-neck t-shirts and more product in their hair than a well-oiled car, but they are never shy about voicing how they go to the gym for hours a day and bench press more than the normal dude.  Sure they might look hot now, but good looks can only take you so far. Dating this type of douche bag could lead to insecurities in yourself as the guy would be so focused on the exterior, there would be no room to go beyond the shallowness of looks.

The Know It All Douchebag: Let’s just say this guy loves football and claims to know everything about a certain team. Even if you tried to give your opinion on the team he won’t listen because only he knows what’s right and nobody else’s opinion matters. This type of guy my friends, is one of the most annoying douchebags of them all, the know it all. If he refuses to listen to what anyone else says and claims he is always right, then there is a problem. No one, I repeat no one, wants to deal with the type of guy who thinks it’s his way or the high way. Just picture being in a relationship with a know it all, not only would he annoy the crap out of you, but every convo you have would turn into an argument because he thinks he is right about every little thing.

So there you have it, three types of douche bags to steer clear of. Sure they may be hot and seem to have confidence at first, but let’s be honest, their doucheyness will soon prove to be too much to handle and will leave you wanting to kick them in the you know what.

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Aliza Chudnow
From a young age Aliza was passionate about writing, especially on the topic of love. At the University of Kansas, Aliza wrote for the newspaper about love and dating. She looks forward to sharing her advice with you.

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