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May 2, 2013

Ditching your Female Friends?

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Written by: Angela Potrykus
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“How come I never see you?”

“You never go out anymore.”

“What’s going on in your life?”

Do these messages look a little familiar? If so, you’re lucky because you’re still in the “yellow” zone with your girlfriends. It’s not a wonderful place to be (don’t kid yourself, you’re not in the “green”) but at least you’re still missed by women who care about you. Wondering what the red zone means? Well, if you’re no longer receiving these messages, you need to take action because you may not have any friends left! For those needing tips on how to rekindle friendships, I recommend this Women’s Day article.

For the rest of you, I get it – you met a guy and he’s wonderful. He consumes all your time and energy because the two of you are just so awesome together. The movies, hiking, bar-hopping, whatever it is – the two of you do it all…together.  Problem is, your girlfriends have felt the lack of attention. And beware, they may not stick around. Here are two easy ways to nurture your female friendships while having a wonderful, yet time-consuming boyfriend.

Create a Regular Hangout

I’m the girl who always has something going on. In addition to having a full-time boyfriend, I’m heading to an indoor soccer game, stopping by an after-work happy hour and meeting my family for dinner….in the same day! I don’t have tons of time for intimate catch-up sessions with my girlfriends. But I love those therapeutic chats and goodness knows we need them.  To avoid snubbing your girlfriends, create a regular weekly hangout – or a monthly one if that’s all you can manage. It can be as simple as getting coffee or doing a wine night.  Book it on your calendar and keep it there. You won’t regret it.

Start an Email Chain

While email could be considered a cop out from having to talk in person or over the phone, it is actually a very effective way to keep in touch. I noticed I had been putting off reaching out to my girlfriends because a phone call summarizing my life in the last month seemed too overwhelming and time consuming. And when I would call, my friend wouldn’t be able to answer for some reason and our time would be spent playing phone tag. Avoid this dilemma by creating a “Friendship Email Chain,” ideal for keeping in touch with your girlfriends who aren’t always within a driving-distance visit. Whether it’s a recap about your latest family drama, or a funny story about work – I promise the email correspondence will be nothing short of therapeutic. And reading about your female friends’ lives will be just as rewarding.


“True friendship is like a rose: we don’t realize its beauty until it fades.” - Evelyn Loeb


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A freelance writer based in Denver, Angela earned her M.A. in Journalism from the University of Missouri. She’s “that” friend who isn’t afraid to dish about the good, bad and, yes - the ugly - aspects of dating, relationships and sex. Angela looks forward to sharing her relationship advice through the use of humorous first, second and third-person accounts.

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