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December 18, 2013

Exercise For Your Relationship


With the new year about to start, there will be many promises of what everyone will do for New Years Resolutions, with exercise being at the top of that list. Every year those good intentions go down the drain after the excitement wears off and life happens. When making your list of reasons why you should start to exercise, add exercise for your relationship to that list.

Everyone can use a self esteem boost. Going to the gym routinely will help boost your self esteem as your body starts to strengthen and tone which translates into good things. If you are not in a relationship, self esteem might be the only thing standing between you and the new love of your life. If you are already in a relationship, he will find the new confidence sexy, and there is nothing wrong with adding more sexy.

Let me introduce your new workout buddy, your boyfriend. Using the naturally occurring support structure of your relationship will keep you on track with your fitness goals. Keep the competition healthy by not comparing weights or speeds, but who stays on schedule better. This is meant to be a positive aspect of your relationship. There are many ways to work out together, whether by sharing a class or hitting the gym. Below you will find a list of different exercise opportunities that the two of you can participate in together. Being around him 24/7 not your favorite thing? Do your own workouts at the gym, since you are both still there at the same time, there is still support.

Want to benefit your relationship the most? Use each other for stretching and exercise. Remember those team building exercises that you had to suffer through in school? This works the same way. Relying on each other to stretch and spot while working out encourages open communication, builds more support, and even counts as spending time together. After the workout, your brain functions clearer because of a chemical release of endorphins, which give you a natural and healthy high.

Just one last thing. Once you are thinking clearer, happy, have that natural energy boost, and your flexibility and stamina have increased, imagine where else you can benefit your relationship. You guessed it, the bedroom. Studies have proven that couples who exercise regularly also enjoy sex more. This could be from the raging Endorphins that makes everyone just a bit happier, or it could be because you lost that ten pounds you gained since the relationship began.

Some options for exercise:

Classes like spin, yoga, Zumba, and kick boxing
Marathon or triathlon preparation

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