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June 11, 2013

How to Adjust After a Breakup

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A breakup can make it very difficult for you to go on with your normal routine. The person you just broke up with was a huge part of your life, whether they were always there for you or not. Adapting to the new situation can be almost impossible, but there are ways to cope.

1.Cut that person out of your life

This might be very hard, but it’s important to cut that person completely from your life, at least for a little while. You are never going to move on if you still hang out or get drinks with that person. It’s common for broken up couples to try to “stay friends” but in reality, this doesn’t really work. You both were more than friends at some point and it’s hard to see them in a different light.

2.Get a new hobby

You and your ex might have always done something together. These activities can range from snowboarding to going to a certain bar every Monday night. It’s important to try to change that. Don’t cut out the hobby or ritual completely from your life  if it’s what you love to do, but every time you do that activity you’re bound to think of that person while doing it. Pick up something new. Maybe you’ve always liked writing but haven’t had time for it, so get a journal! Or maybe you enjoy running but never had anyone to go running with. Grab a friend and go for a run.

3. Hang out with your friends

One of the best ways to adjusting to your changed life is hanging out with the people that love you most. Go hang out with your friends, talk about what’s bothering you and get their advice. They are your friends for a reason and most likely are going to make you feel better about the situation. It’s easy to put them off and grieve your own way, but forcing yourself to go out and socialize will go a long way.

4.Do something you love

After a breakup it’s important to do something out of the ordinary and it’s okay to splurge a little bit. Go see your favorite band at your favorite venue. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner and drinks. In a relationship you do things for not only yourself, but the other person. Treating yourself to something fun that you don’t usually do will make you feel good about yourself and makes you realize you are worth it!

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