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September 5, 2013

Kick That Wedding Fever!

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As the wedding season slowly winds down and the happy couples retreat to the quiet caves of honeymoons and marriage, you may still find yourself obsessed with all things wedding. Singletons and content girlfriends alike are at risk of catching Wedding Fever, an excitement over getting married, even if you’re not engaged or even ready to be engaged. This can grow to the point of obsession and can put your relationship, or chance of finding one, in danger. Here’s how to tell if you’ve been stricken with Wedding Fever and what to do about it:


If you’ve contracted wedding fever, you may be beyond excited about all of your friends and family getting married, but mostly just so you can pick up ideas for your own special day. You constantly daydream about how you want your ring, dress or reception to be, but you never give a thought to how married life will play out. On Pinterest you have a million pins of outdoor wedding tips but none about how to strengthen your relationship or how to be a better partner.


If you’re dating someone and you’re not sure if you’re ready for marriage, you’re definitely not. You’ve just been swept up in the excessive romance that comes with wedding season. It’s still okay to have a conversation with your partner about it. Listen to their thoughts and concerns and don’t be affronted if they don’t think the two of you are ready. If they’re the person you want to be with, wait until you both feel sure about getting married.

If you’re single, your first concern should be finding a date. Marriage is a partnership, not something you can build by yourself and expect someone else to slip right into at the end. You might be ready for the idea of marriage, but you’re not ready to be married until you find that someone that you’re ready to be committed to forever. Go out and enjoy your single days but make sure to put yourself out there so you can meet that special someone.


It might be that you’re closer to being a blushing bride than you think and that your partner is thinking along the same lines. If so, continue to revise your ideas about weddings and getting married. Seek out ways to build the strongest relationship and marriage you can, rather than putting together the most fabulous wedding your imagination can handle.

If you find that your mate is not as sure and ready as you are then you must reassess the relationship and situation. They may just need more time. If you’re confident that they’ll come around eventually, do what you can to reassure them and enjoy the dating life for a while longer. What’s the rush? However, if you’re not so sure their position will change, you might need to go find yourself a new beau. There’s no shame in not being ready for marriage, or wanting someone who is.

I’s perfectly natural to enjoy playing out the wedding scenario in your head, but when it becomes more about the wedding and less about the person you’re committing to spending the rest of your life with, you may have contracted Wedding Fever. Don’t panic. Skip a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and get out and enjoy some premarital bliss. If you’re single, go out on the town with your girlfriends. Get a little crazy! Likewise, if you’re part of a couple enjoy a playful date night and forget about the pressures of marriage and the future. Marriage isn’t a trend to jump onto just because, so make sure you take an honest look before you decide you’re ready to take the leap.

About the Author

Shana Diaz
Shana Diaz is a Colorado native finishing her BA in Creative Writing at Colorado Mesa University in the fall. Besides being a shameless romantic she also boasts of being a Nerdfighter, a Potterhead, and just an all around bookworm. When she isn’t stuck in the stacks at the library or working as a home health care aid, Shana enjoys spending her time gallivanting around the Internet with her long distance boyfriend and devouring the blogs of her favorite authors.

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