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March 12, 2013

Love Notes

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Written by: Kelsey Gibbons
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Remember in middle school when you would pass notes with friends or if you were lucky, maybe a boy? It helped the day go by faster, eagerly waiting for some juicy middle school gossip or ogling over some celebrity love interest… maybe Ben Affleck? As we know it, those awful days of being 13 have come and gone. No more braces, baby fat or band! Why not recreate that excitement in your life today by surprising your honey with a love note!

Little things that you do for your partner for no particular reason shows them that they are special and at the same time lucky to have you! A recent example from the ABC’s Bachelor, where Catherine would give little notes to Sean with a few words like, “I like your smile” or maybe a lipstick kiss to Sean when she had some time alone with him. We know how much he liked her notes… So much, he picked her to be his wife!! Her idea set herself apart from the group and helped Sean see that she was unique and interested in him. The notes were a little something special that really made the difference.

So take some time, get some inspiration… Pinterest and Tumblr are great ways to get inspired if you aren’t the creative type. Definitely try to tailor your love note to your relationship.  So play around with a pen and paper, you might find something cute to say to your love. A written note is much more special than a text or email. It shows you care enough to take the time to write something down. Get creative; be silly, you can make it a more elaborate love note, maybe longer than a few words or very simple. It’s up to you. Pictures are extra special, maybe add a doodle… Have some fun. After all wouldn’t you love to get a surprise like this from your love!? Ideal times to do something extra special are when they have had a tough week at work or school or before they leave for a trip. So go on, make a surprise!


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Kelsey Gibbons
Kelsey is the Marketing Assistant at Nouveau Dating. Along with the variety of marketing she does she enjoys sharing her knowledge on love and dating and is always giving advice to her friends.

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