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July 31, 2013

Signs He Wants To Be More Than Friends

Let me show you

Ever feel like you and your friend are more than just friends?  Do the people you meet instantly assume you are an item?  Are you, yourself, confused about the status of your relationship?

At times, perhaps without even realizing, we grow closer and closer to a certain friend until the line between friendship and lover becomes complex and blurred.  Many of the strongest loves begin as friendship—it is the basic foundation for long-lasting relationships.  If the buds of attraction begin to bloom, a simple companionship could blossom into something much more interesting.

Here are a few simple signs to help identify his (or your) hidden affections:

You call each other regularly.  And by regularly, I mean every day.  What may have begun as a call here or there to catch up or exchange gossip has become a daily routine.  The calls become more frequent, longer, even stretching late into the evening.

You share secrets, opinions, hopes and aspirations.  Men are typically very careful about with whom they become emotionally vulnerable.  This level of trust is not for just anyone, and it says a lot about how close they feel to you.  If they are telling you about their hopes and dreams and future, it is because they hope you’ll be a part of them.

New dates and jealousy.  If your friend is attractive (and of course, they are), they will no doubt be grabbing a lot of attention from other potential suitors.  Do you get irritated when they make a date with someone else, or talk about their date excitedly?  Do your eyes twitch if they make out with someone?  If you are jealous when your friend has other dates, you probably have feelings for them, or are a little over-possessive.  The same goes for them: if they are jealous when you have a good time with someone else, it is a sure sign they’re harboring a crush.

You give each other pet names.  It could be something as nondescript as “Hey, Baby” when you greet each other or “See ya’ later, Sweetheart” as you’re leaving.  Pet names are personal and very affectionate, a definite indicator things are more than friendly.

When you meet his mom, she’s already heard “…so much about you.”  Men don’t bring everyone home to mom, only those that mean something.  And if he’s talking about you to his mom or friends or anyone, he must be thinking about you as well.

He chooses you over the boys.  If you spend a lot of time hanging out one-on-one on weekends or evenings or holidays, you obviously enjoy each other’s company.  But if he chooses hanging out with you over the bros, you must be very important to him.

Touching and Cuddling.  Holding hands, resting your head on his shoulders, interlocked arms, occasional pecks on the cheek—these are demonstrations of intimacy and affection (flirty touching, if you will).  Just think: would a new date like it if they caught you cuddling up with your friend?

Sexual Tension.  You’ve noticed him checking you out, or your tickling sessions have turned to wrestling matches which turned to dry-humping.  Or perhaps you’ve already slept together, and would like to some more.

What happens now that you’re more than friends?  While you may be more than friends, you may not be headed directly down the path of true love.  Perhaps you’re curious what it’d be like to date a person whom you’re close to, perhaps you’d rather be friends with benefits, or perhaps these feelings are one-sided.  It is important to ask yourself whether you truly want to become more than friends, or if you are satisfied keeping that person as a friend and only a friend.

However, relationships grown from friendship can be very powerful.  We spend so much of our time trying to discover new venues to find partners, but often there is a man already there, waiting, disguised as a friend.

About the Author

Conor Romack
Conor Romack is currently enrolled at the University of Washington, studying Comparative Literature and International Studies. He discovered his love for writing at a young age and some of his poems and short stories have been published in local collections. He draws upon his own experiences in the dating world (and stories from his friends) to offer insightful input for Nouveau Dating’s readers.

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