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December 16, 2013

Are You Ready to Date Again?


Everyone will try to tell you their scientific formula for how long you have to wait to be ready to date again after a break up. Normally it has to do with how long you were together and who dumped who. Since when did matters of the heart become mathematical? Instead of crunching details, answer these questions to see if you’re ready to be back on the market. Leave the math to your brain and set your heart free to love again.

Have You Been Through All of the Stages of Grief?

Denial and Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance are the stages of grief which can apply to many situations, but they fit especially well for break ups. If you’re in any stage but acceptance in the aftermath of your last relationship, any new love interest will be stuck as a rebound relationship that will end badly. Remember that it’s possible to start or even complete all of these stages while you’re still with someone, so sometimes you jump start your arrival to destination Over-It.

Are You Satisfied with Who You Are?

Once the blame game stops, take a moment to evaluate yourself. Before bringing someone into your life, make sure you’re happy with it. Any negativity will cross into your new relationship and place undue strain on it. At this point you shouldnn’t still feel like a victim of your last relationship. Remember, you’re unique and you deserved to be loved, despite what your ex might have said. There is a reason that ex is an ex. Take a chance to find someone out there that will be a better match for you who will treat well. Work hard to keep your residual baggage about your ex away from your new partner. Be happy being yourself and soon someone will be happy to be with you.

Are You Satisfied with Where You Are in Life?

Once you’re happy with who you are, the next step is to evaluate your life’s progress. If you can honestly say that only you want a partner because you want companionship (but you don’t need it), you’re in a position to welcome a new relationship into your life. Being able to define who you are without a significant other shows that you are successful enough to open your life up to someone else.

Do You Talk About Your Ex?

If every other sentence out of your mouth refers to your ex, regardless of conversation topic, then you’re probably not over your relationship. This won’t go over well when you meet someone new, because after a night filled with comparisons to your ex, your date will take off running because it seems like you’re still hung up on your ex. Honestly, if every thought consists of remnants of a past relationship, you can’t make room for happy memories with a new person. Take the extra time you need on your own to finish throwing your ex out of your thoughts. Don’t worry, if you meet someone worth the effort, they’ll think you’re worth the wait.

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About the Author

Amanda Juarez
Amanda Juarez is an aspiring nomadic freelance writer currently living in Colorado. Creative since the day she was born, she has many creative outlets from writing and art, to making jewelry and accessories, and even winning NaNoWriMo 2013. She spends much of her time learning abstract new things and hanging out with gamer friends. She hopes to be able to bring her experiences from living all over the county and translating the different cultures of dating into easy reading while adding a bit of geek to them.

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