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February 17, 2014

Revive Your Sexiness

Revive Your Sexiness

Everyone loves feeling sexy, but sometimes we lose the self confidence necessary to keep that feeling. Life’s curveballs can interfere with how you feel. When you revive your sexiness, it can benefit in other ways as well. Here are some simple ways you can get your sexy self back.

Give Yourself a Massage

Take a hot shower and apply a moisturizer, but don’t just quickly run through the shower and slop the lotion on. Take time to pamper yourself: give yourself a muscle massage around your neck and shoulders. Click here for a some great tips. Use┬ábath oil for a moisturizer, using your hands to rub it in and also massaging the muscles of your arms, legs, and back. Bath oils not your thing? You can do the same thing with delicious-smelling lotion after you get out of the shower. The important part is the massage.

Change Up Your Appearance

Part your hair at a new angle, get a new lip gloss, or try a new eye shadow. Refreshing your appearance can boost your confidence and help you rediscover your sexiness. The slight change might also catch the eye of the opposite sex.

Go Shopping

Buying new clothing that flatters you will do wonders for your self-esteem. Investing in a new high-quality bra will not only make you feel sexier, it will also improve your posture which makes you look for confident. Plus, new clothes that have a lot of buttons or zippers can be taken off slowly which will be lots of fun next time you get to spend some, ahem, quality time with someone.

Fake It

That’s right: Fake it. Fake it until you make it. Fake sexy and self-confident until you actually feel that way. When others respond to your new projected sexiness, you’ll be reminded of how sexy you truly are. Eventually that reminder will build a real feeling of sexy. Some friendly flirting will have the same effect.

Think About Posture

The way a woman carries herself can be her sexiest attribute. Standing tall and proud will attract more desirable attention than overtly flaunting everything your mama gave you. Stand with your back straight, which accentuates your breasts while also drawing positive attention to all your other assets. Pay attention to how you walk as well. Walking confidently. Letting your hips sway is far more sexy than flopping your feet and slouching around.

Be Silly

Dance for no reason, make a playlist that makes you giggle and wiggle, or even play a game with a group of friends. Just think fun and laughter. Laughing releases the natural happy chemical, dopamine, and happiness is a great way to make yourself feel (and look) sexy.

About the Author

Amanda Juarez
Amanda Juarez is an aspiring nomadic freelance writer currently living in Colorado. Creative since the day she was born, she has many creative outlets from writing and art, to making jewelry and accessories, and even winning NaNoWriMo 2013. She spends much of her time learning abstract new things and hanging out with gamer friends. She hopes to be able to bring her experiences from living all over the county and translating the different cultures of dating into easy reading while adding a bit of geek to them.

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