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January 4, 2013

Sexy Lady

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Written by: Tiffany Jones
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Being sexy is all about being confident. Women too often overthink and overanalyze when it comes to displaying their sexuality. Will men think they are too easy? Will they look desperate? Will they send the wrong message? To sexy, just let go of your inhibitions. Sexy does not mean slutty. Men like eye candy, but they also want a woman they can respect. Showing off your assets does not mean showing off your ass. A sexy lady is confident, a bit aggressive, without being dominant. A sexy lady goes after what she wants, flirts with everyone subtly and is not concerned with judgment. Think Samantha on Sex in the City.

Three ways to become a Sexy Lady:

1. Eye Contact

The eyes are the bridge to the soul. Eyes can flirt, speak and express all on their own. Men have had the privilege of checking out women for centuries. Flip the script. Don’t be afraid to check out a guy. Look at him from head to toe. Make the initial eye contact, but if you are seriously interested, take it all in. Dart your glace from shoulder to shoulder. Ponder on his waist, check out his shoes. Treat him like a candy apple you are considering purchasing.

2. Physical Touch

If you are interested in a man, touch him. Pat his leg, stroke his hand, grab his shirt collar, and just physically connect in some way. Face it; we don’t touch someone we are not intrigued by. Touching a potential mate shows we are confident, interested and in tuned.

3. Body Language

The way we carry ourselves speaks more than words. Hold your head up, resist crossing your arms, and use each gesture to communicate your sexual self-confidence. Subtle messages can be portrayed by running your fingers through your hair, moistening your lips, lightly touching your neck and shoulder line. When you touch yourself, in a subtle way, you portray the notion that you are comfortable with your body and enjoy human touch.

Being a sexy lady is a state of mind. Forget insecurities, resist thinking you are waiting to be approached, and be active in going after what you want. Take the initiative to flirt first, pay a compliment and move on when things don’t go your way.

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About the Author

Tiffany Jones
Tiffany Jones is the founder and CEO of Denver Sexology LLC. She is a registered psychotherapist and has been a sex and relationship coach for the last 11 years.

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