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February 12, 2013

Don’t Be Vengeful, Single Ladies: Tips for a Solo and Satisfying Valentine’s Day

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Written by: Hannah Fredenberg
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It’s that time of the year again—New Year’s resolution kicks have already fizzled, the weather is still frustratingly bitter, and now, the sappiest day of romance in February has come upon you and your suddenly noticeable solo status:  Valentine’s Day.  While you tell yourself it’s just an overrated Hallmark holiday, it’s impossible to not feel some inner twinge of hopelessness as you pass by cutesy couples hand-in-hand. The sights of love slogans, heart-shaped chocolates, and flowers bombard you every which way you look as though mocking the fact that, yes, you are indeed alone, without a partner, sans the romance and giddiness you feel you deserve [sniffle].

Hence, while it may be easy to needlessly obsess about past failed relationships or with your lack of luck in finding mutual connections, this is not the day to throw an unappealing pity party with a carton of ice cream, slouchy sweatpants, and watching 500 Days of Summer on repeat with a box of tissues.  We all want to find love and a companion in life, but just remember that the most valuable person to love (in order to find love) is yourself!  Make the holiday this year a day for you to reflect on the activities that make you genuinely happy. Here are some suggestions to keep you uplifted and feeling fabulous, refreshed, and rejuvenated without a guy by your side on V-Day:


  • Look (and feel) cute that day.

Whoa, you might be thinking…isn’t being prettified only reserved for the girlfriends today holding hands with their beaus?  Absolutely not.  So dodge your ex’s extra-large sweatpants you threw on this morning (and that messy, unkempt bun…please) and get it together, sassy singlet.  Wear cute underwear today just because, try out that adorable new ‘do you clipped out from Glamour, smile boldly at the cute barista boy who hands you your latte, and feel as beautiful inside and out as you truly are! You don’t need a partner right here and right now to feel confident in your own greatness.


  • Call or Spend Time With Family Members or Other Single Friends

Despite that Valentine’s days seems like a day only for romance, love is so much more than that – and you already have plenty of loved ones to spread the reminder!  Whether it’s a family member or a fellow single friend you haven’t seen in forever, today is the perfect opportunity to actually follow through on that coffee chat you’ve been pushing off for months.  Extra bonus: cuddle with your ever-adorable pets at home. . .if that isn’t real love, who knows what is!


  • Get Organized and Refuel Your Motivation for Success

Join that gym you’ve been wanting to for months, reorganize your closet to be color-coded, or get rolling on that Pinterest scrapbook you’ve wanted to try putting together.  It’s never too late to start a motivational new habit or grateful-list journal just to remind yourself how ambitiously fantastic you are, single or not.


  • Lighten Up and Enjoy Some Laughs!

Who says that humor is only necessary when looking for it in other potential partners? Loosen up on yourself for not being in a relationship – don’t feel rushed, and enjoy just being young and free!  Put a smile back on your face by making a cheesy upbeat music list of 80s pop songs (don’t forget to put Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” on there, duh!) and busting out with one of your friends like immature goofs.  Stop FaceBook stalking your unavailable crush or feeling sad for yourself right now…and go geek out over 30 Rock reruns on Netflix, or something, please!  You deserve it!  Indulge in whatever you like – without the judgment of anyone in mind but “me, myself, and I.”  :)



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Hannah Fredenberg
Hannah enjoys exploring the dynamics behind human connections and strives to share her knowledge on these subjects. She looks graduating this upcoming May from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

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