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May 21, 2013

Summer Dates


There are few times in a year that the weather is conducive enough to not wearing any clothes, ever.  It’s a time I like to call “summer”, and it is almost here.  Next Monday will be memorial day, the pools will open, the wine will flow… With warmth comes the wide variety of new dating activities, and we should all plan to capitalize on them.  Here’s a lil’ brainstorm sesh of some summer dates.


In every camp site lies the potential for a pseudo occultist party.  You’re in the mountains, under the stars (which are actually visible out in nature), there’s a fire, there’s booze… It’s not necessarily the best one-on-one dating option but with a group of friends and a love interest, camping has the potential to be a very adventurous day-to-night-to-day summer experience.  My suggestion – bring music and battery powered speakers so things don’t turn a too Blair-Witch-y when it gets dark.


There’s a lot of sexy potential when it comes to a swim date.  We’ve all seen those music videos with the girls washing cars in their bikinis – that’s inevitably what this date aims for.  All you need is a swimsuit, big sunglasses, water proof mascara (and ACDC?) – and get yourself and your man on over to the nearest reservoir, you beautiful mermaid.

Outdoor Movies

These things spring up everywhere when it starts getting warmer.  Outdoor movies also make great first dates.  Night picnics centered around seeing cult classics are the epitome of romance.  To add a little more intrigue to this date, sneak in two glasses and a bottle of wine.

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