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May 28, 2013

The Frat Boy


Every college campus is running rampant with many species of men: from the nerd to the athlete to the artist. Each type has specific characteristics, interests and looks which obviously don’t apply to every guy in the category, but as they say stereotypes come from somewhere. Today we focus on the notorious frat boy, “bro” or Sig Ep brother.

Natural Habitat: The frat boy spends his days on the fraternity lawn often tossing a football, showing off his athletic ability to members of the female species, while occasionally taking breaks to attend class. At night, he can be found at a beer pong table attempting to dominate his “brothers” in this cultural game. Not only is he trying to show that he is more athletic than his brothers, but that he can drink beer faster and in larger quantities, proving that the female should desire him.

Appearance: This male can often be spotted wearing tank tops, referred to as “bro tanks”, as to show off his (sometimes non-existent) muscles. Also, usually wearing oversized neon sunglasses and a baseball cap worn improperly, regardless of whether or not the sun is actually out.

Character Traits: He is fiercely loyal to his fraternity and will become aggressive when anyone speaks ill of his brothers. He is known around campus for his confidence in his ability to find various mates.

Prey: The frat boy’s game of choice is usually the inebriated female of a neighboring sorority, who finds his confidence appealing. He does not have to go far to find his mate, she will show up at his house on any given night where a party will inevitably ensue.

How to Capture the Frat Boy: This creature is not an elusive one and will be easy to find on any college campus. Getting him to settle with one mate is the challenge. The female must set herself apart from the rest of the pack to get the frat boy to notice her. To stay on his radar for more than one night, here are 50 tips to keep in mind.

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Stephanie Diehl
Stephanie, a Colorado native, is currently attending Syracuse University, majoring in Television, Radio and Film. She loves sharing her adventures through the uncharted world of college dating and hopes to entertain you along the way.

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