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April 25, 2013

The Friend Test

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Written by: Melanie Moccia
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It’s important for a girl to get along with her guys BFF’s. Some of them might be rude, gross and offensive, but it is necessary to have a good relationship with the boys if it means keeping your man.

Step One:

The first step to passing the “friend test” is being open minded. Don’t go into the situation with a dreadful look on your face. You never know, your guys best friend might be a perfect fit for your best friend. Guys love down to earth chicks. They aren’t always looking to hook up with a girl, so act cool when first meeting the friends. It might be hard if the friend is one of those macho-fraternity boys. Show that you care about your guy, don’t show too much PDA and act like you’re one of them…but not too much!

Step Two:

The second step, make sure when meeting him for the first time it’s in a busy setting. It’s easier to socialize and get to know someone in a social setting, particularly a bar. There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks to loosen up the tension. Most likely, the friend is going to be similar to your man. They are friends for a reason, so try to talk to him about things your boyfriend likes. Maybe they always play a sport, game or watch a certain television show together. Get to know what he likes and you’re golden.

Step Three:

The third step, if the friend is single, why not bring a girl friend along? Get dolled up with your best friend and make it into a double date sort of thing. Sometimes it’s easier socialize with guys when there is another chick there. Who knows, maybe they’ll hit it off and they will forever be grateful for you.

There’s no telling if the friend will ever like you. Sometimes, boys are worse than girls when it comes to talking behind backs. Sad, yes, but true. Just show your biggest smile and how much you really care about your boyfriend and make conversation. What’s the worst that could happen?

About the Author

Melanie Moccia
Melanie is currently a student at Metro State University in Denver, Colorado. While she works toward her Journalism degree she hopes to share some of her dating ups and downs with you. In hopes of making the crazy world of dating just a little bit easier.

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