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July 3, 2013

What Do I Buy Him? 5 Great Gift Ideas for Your Man

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We’ve all been there. It’s a week, or even less before your mans’ birthday, your anniversary or a holiday. You have no idea what to get him because it seems like he has it all. Take a look at this list to get some ideas about gifts that your guy can’t not love.

1. Tickets: If your guy is a sports fan, buy him tickets to his favorite hometown team. Since it’s baseball season, buy him some nice seats and tell him you’ll treat him to a hot-dog and some cold beers. Guys love sports and seeing you at the game with him will make him love you even more. It could be a little trick to make him realize you’re super awesome! If your guy is a little more music based,  concert tickets are always a good surprise. Summertime is the best time for concerts, so find out if someone you catch him listening to on his iPod is coming to town. Most bands tour in the summer so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something he’ll like.

2. A Watch: This one is a good one for a little bit pricier budget. The best statement piece to get your guy is a handsome watch. Watches come in all sizes, shapes and colors so you can really be creative in deciding what to get him. If you know what he likes, go ahead and replace his old watch (as long as he isn’t too attached to it) You could also go the extra mile and have it engraved with his initials and the date. But be sure to give it to him first to make sure he likes it and it fits right.

3. Weekend Camping Trip: This is less materialistic and gives you the opportunity to have some quality time together. Make him a cute card telling him to get off of work one weekend so you can treat him to a few days in the woods. Together you guys can  put everything together, pack the car with all the necessary equipment and head into the mountains. If he is missing a key camping component, there is no shame in getting him a gift card to his favorite outdoor shop or picking up the item yourself.

4. Camera: A camera is one of the best gifts you can give someone. They capture memories that you can never get back. Buy him a nice camera and if you have one yourself, you can even take some photography classes together to get to know the ins and outs of taking photos. Most people just use their smartphone to take photos, but it’s fun to go out, explore and take photos of cool things together with a real camera. If he’s into action sports, buy him a GoPro. They have tons of accessories meant for any type of sport or activity, so depending on what he likes, you can find it.

5.Wallet: A guy is always pulling his wallet in and out of his back pocket and it gets worn out very easily. Buy him a nice leather wallet that will last a longtime. Every time he takes it out, he will think of you.

These are some basic ideas to get your imagination going! Maybe one idea will spark another. I know you will find the perfect gift for the man you love. And he’ll appreciate every bit of effort that goes into choosing the best gift.


About the Author

Melanie Moccia
Melanie is currently a student at Metro State University in Denver, Colorado. While she works toward her Journalism degree she hopes to share some of her dating ups and downs with you. In hopes of making the crazy world of dating just a little bit easier.

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