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March 20, 2013

What To Do In A Fight

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Written by: Kelsey Gibbons
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You and your man just got into a crazy argument and it was totally blown out of proportion. Why? Is it because you love being a drama queen? Or is it because you don’t understand how to handle your emotions when you get upset?

What should you do when you get into a fight? Don’t panic! Every couple has disagreements. The difference between a bad relationship and a great relationship is how you solve them. Here are five tips to keeping your cool.

1.    Give each other space

Space is the most important tip for stopping a fight. It gives you time to cool down and not say something you’ll regret. Even if you just take a break in another room and focus on something else, you can clear your head and come back to talk when you have a new focus.

2.     Stay on topic

As hard as it is, don’t bring up past arguments or things you are angry about but never discussed. Bringing these types of things up will only make you and your partner angrier. Stay on topic, so the fight doesn’t escalate into a bigger argument.

3.    Give in a little

Especially for you stubborn people out there… Try to understand the other side of the argument; it might lighten your view on how the other person feels.  Don’t be too proud to admit you made a mistake. Remember it takes two to tango.

4.    Understand Your Emotions

It’s easy to feel crazy when in an argument and you may want to act ridiculous. Just remind yourself that once you are done you don’t want to be embarrassed about how you acted. That being said, why are you going crazy? Understanding yourself and your reaction is the best way to cool an argument down.

5.    Find Peace

Don’t go to bed upset or don’t leave mad, it’s just going to escalate into a bigger deal. Make sure your partner doesn’t feel unloved or ignored when its time to part ways. Finding respect at the end of an argument can really help your relationship move forward and also, make up sex is a great way to relax and love again.

In every relationship it’s natural to have arguments. If you can’t resolve your argument then agree to disagree, even though it’s difficult. Remember that you aren’t together to fight, but to have an amazing love.

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