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November 28, 2012

Where to Find a Good Man


The perfect outfit, the most romantic restaurant in town, spot-on flirting skills – none of it matters if you can’t find a good man worth going on a date with. You’re staying away from the water cooler mating rituals, you’ve seen every “great guy” your girlfriends know who in the end was not so great, and the guys on dating websites all look like they’ve never actually been on a date that wasn’t virtual – where’s a girl to look?

Your first inclination might be to drown your sorrows in a cosmopolitan at the local hotspot, but don’t. Head to the local microbrewery’s tasting room instead. Everyone knows that guys love beer, but they also love girls that love beer. Not only will you seem down-to-earth and approachable, you’ll have an instant conversation topic discussing the merits of an oak-aged IPA versus a dry- hopped pale ale. The atmosphere at breweries isn’t the typical meat-market scene a busy club may be so you won’t find men looking for tonight’s score. Even if you don’t take home a guy, you can always take home a fresh six-pack of your new favorite suds.

If you can’t stand the taste of beer, try tasting something else – sign up for a cooking class. Everyone likes it when their partner can cook, so why not make sure he knows the difference between a wok and a sauté pan before you take him home? Cooking classes are hands on, so it’s a great opportunity to ask him to help you with that deboning trick or – even better – to show him how. The kind of men who usually take cooking classes are the mature, responsible ones – frat boys, players, and the guy who still lives in his mom’s basement don’t need to learn how to make their own meals. You’re more of a takeout kind of girl? Then take a different class – try a course at your local college. Remember how easy it was to meet guys back in college? Recreate that experience while learning French or improving your career skills. You’ll meet men who are interesting and serious about their future, all while improving yourself, too.

If none of those appeal to you, do what does. Join a writing group, spend a weekend surfing, or try a new restaurant – whatever gets you excited. Even if you don’t meet your dream guy there, you’ll be that much more interesting when you do find him, and interesting is sexy. The best guys don’t want a girl who spends her days man hunting, they want a girl who’s out living her own awesome life, so get to it! Maybe he’ll find you instead.

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Ashley Clarke
Ashley Clarke is the Executive Editor at Nouveau Dating. Ashley loves writing on relationships, love and dating and is responsible for finding authors who are natural writers on these topics. Contact if you are interested.

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