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February 8, 2013

Why You Shouldn’t Hate Valentine’s Day – This Year


Nobody hates Valentine’s Day more than I do. Not only does it provide undue stress for those fortunate enough to be in a relationship at the time, but it also stresses us single folk out, too. What could be more unnecessary than a “holiday” centered on impressing loved ones with materials? What could possibly make a proud single person embarrassed of their lack of relationship? And what part of a relationship benefits from the pressures of perfection? Valentine’s Day can, seriously, be the worst. But what’s the point in hating a day?

Realistically, Valentine’s Day is only 24 hours long. It’s not really that intolerable, as much as it may seem like it is at the time. But in all reality, our amount of 24-hour gaps of time is limited, and hatred of a day that was initially intended to be dedicated to love is not only wasteful but, ultimately,  (and let’s be honest, here) blasphemous. The pressures of Valentine’s Day are, realistically, no more immense than the pressures of Christmas Day if you really stop to think about it. Expectations for perfection are just as high; the primary difference is how you divide your attention among many or just one individual(s).

Let’s challenge the cynic in us to appreciate February 14th, this year. Regardless of whether or not we have life-altering romantic plans for our ideal romance, let’s look at is as an opportunity to improve ourselves. Let’s look at is as an opportunity to care about each other. Don’t just focus on caring about your valentine (or lack thereof) – focus on caring about humanity. Take this opportunity to do something nice for the greater good of mankind. Even if all that means is walking around with a smile on your face instead of a frown on what many people agree is the worst day of the year – the difference can be substantial. Let’s make a promise to ourselves to be positive this year. Because, as they say, “never frown – you never know who could have been falling in love with your smile” (or however the cliché goes).

About the Author

Hannah Goodman
Hannah's inherent interest in human relationships inspired her to study psychology at CU. She plans to take that passion and focus with her to graduate school, where she will pursue a degree in writing and will continue to write her memoir on her past relations.

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