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February 12, 2014

Is Your Job Preventing You From Finding Love?


Everyone has that friend that you call every once in a while just to make sure they are still alive. They live alone and have no boyfriend, but every time you call to make a lunch date they are working or end up canceling because of work. It gets quite frustrating when trying to build or maintain a friendship, but imagine what that would do in a relationship. So next comes the most important question, does this sound like you? Most overachievers don’t realize how detrimental their dedication for work is to their own lives. Chances are that there hasn’t been a stable long term relationship recently and it just doesn’t seem that important at times. Let’s go over some signs that could be quite obvious to anyone but you and how to break those horrible habits.

The last time you went on a date, did you talk about work and if so, how much of the date? On a first date it is perfectly normal to talk about what you do for a living, it’s a part of getting to know each other, but all you should really say is a short summary of where you work and what you do. After that brief summary, keep the work talk out of the date, and heaven forbid, put that phone on silent just in case work calls.

So let’s say that that first date wasn’t scared off with all that talk about projects at work. They called and there was a second date, even a third, and now officially a couple. Now that there is casual time together that isn’t necessarily a date, don’t fall into bad habits. Keep the work talk to a minimum because even if they ask you how work went, they don’t want to know every detail of how your desks contents keep going missing and your lunch being stolen from the employee break room refrigerator. Even if your significant other isn’t a big talker, find non work things to talk about like future events to go to, current events, or even the cute dog being walked down the sidewalk. Talking about the occasional stranger while people watching is always better than stalemating your own relationship.

How many times this week have you refused or even *gasp* cancelled plans on your very patient lover? This happens with friends and family on occasion, and hopefully even less with your partner, but if you can say at least once a week you have to cancel due to work, then there is a major issue. Family is always there, but that new blossoming love might be snuffed out just like those plans, and they won’t always wait for you to have time for them.

If you look back at the calls list on your phone has your boss more than your family, friends, and partner combined? Then you might have a problem, it is being more and more important to make time for that important partner that you want to keep. Oh, and if the last late shift, after walking into the apartment and your pet dog or cat took a moment to remember who you are, then that is proof right there that your job is taking over your life. Take a moment to define yourself, who you are without including your job. Let that put life into perspective and start fixing it. You should work to live not live to work. Take a long stroll holding hands with your special someone through the park and remember what life is really about and who is really important to you. So is your job preventing you from finding love?

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Amanda Juarez
Amanda Juarez is an aspiring nomadic freelance writer currently living in Colorado. Creative since the day she was born, she has many creative outlets from writing and art, to making jewelry and accessories, and even winning NaNoWriMo 2013. She spends much of her time learning abstract new things and hanging out with gamer friends. She hopes to be able to bring her experiences from living all over the county and translating the different cultures of dating into easy reading while adding a bit of geek to them.

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