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October 8, 2012

5 Signs He’s Not Into You

he's not into you
How do you know he’s not into you? We’ve all been there.  You give a guy your number.  He’s cute, funny, and he calls you back!  You go on a few dates and start buying bridal magazines.  You’re super excited, but you shouldn’t get too wrapped up in it yet.  There are 5 early signs that you should know so you can be aware that it probably won’t work out and find a guy who is totally into you.

1. Valentine’s Day and Your Birthday Become Disasters

It is no big secret that Valentine’s Day is February 14th, just like your birthday is posted all over Facebook.  If he promises to take you out to dinner and you miss your reservation because he can’t get it together, that’s a problem.  If you cancel all of your plans for your big birthday weekend because he said that he would take you on a romantic getaway and then suddenly can’t take off work, run.

2.  He Cancels

Some people run a little on the late side, but if he leaves you waiting at a restaurant for 45 minutes or sends you a last minute text that he won’t show, he had better have had to attend to some sort of emergency.  If these “emergencies” happen all the time, he doesn’t care.  Get out.

3.  If He Can’t Get Friends

It’s understandable that if you meet a guy who just moved into your country or state 2 weeks ago he won’t have a band of buddies.  Otherwise, there is usually a reason why other people don’t want to hang around him.  Plus, he will want you to be his girlfriend and drinking buddy all in one.  The two don’t mix.

4.  He Doesn’t Make You Feel Good

Everyone has their triggers, you know that one thing that annoys the hell out of you.  He doesn’t have to flat out bash you, but if he will not stop commenting on something that annoys you after you tell him to stop, it’s not good.  At that point, he just wants to stir things up and start a fight.  Why would you want to deal with that?

5.  He Doesn’t Want to Spend Time With You

Some couples see each other only a few days a month and have a great, supportive relationship.  Other couples live together, work together, have all mutual friends, and  love every minute of it.  Obviously, there are all different things in between.  If the guy you’re dating is an airline pilot, he will find a way to be with you, especially in the beginning.  When a guy is into you, he will make a schedule in advance instead of calling a few hours before.

Know what you want and go after it.  But, if you see these warning signs that he’s not into you, start thinking about if you want to be in this relationship or not sooner rather than later.  Instead of wasting time, get the guy you deserve.

Written by Kate Kishel

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Kate Kishel
Kate Kishel comes from a very diverse background. Along with having a career as an art teacher, mental health practioner, and ranch hand, she has a natural instinct about dating and decided to return to her first and true love of writing.

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