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November 25, 2013

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do to Get Your True Love’s Attention


Guest Post by Chaleigh Glass

Ah yes, true love. From a small age, everyone thinks about finding that one person with whom they will spend the rest of their life. Young girls think of their prince on horseback that will sweep them away from all of their miseries and carry them off into the sunset. Boys think of the innocent babe that they save from all the terrors of the world, carrying her innocent self off in their motorcycle/sports car/helicopter. Yeah, we all know that this is the stuff of fairytales and movies, yet we still carry on our search. Unfortunately, when we find someone that we think is absolutely perfect, that someone might not feel the same way. Before you get yourself in deep trouble, here are 5 things you should never do to get your “true love’s” attention.

1. Get Stuck In The Past

Are you attracted to someone because they are the exact opposite of your ex? This could wind up being a problem, because it could mean that your ex is still on your mind. No matter how traumatic a past relationship was, your new true love deserves your full attention. You have to view your new sweetheart as a unique individual, instead of merely the opposite of someone who broke your heart. If you still aren’t over a past flame, do yourself and your new love interest the favor of working on leaving the past completely behind before you start something new.

It might seem like you’ll miss out on the perfect opportunity of your life by not romantically pursuing your true love right away, but waiting will save you a lot of pain and possible heartbreak. Try to become friends with this new person while you work to resolve your past issues before you decide to take the next step and become romantically involved.

2. Constant Joking

This might seem an innocent trait, but many people find it unattractive and annoying. While having a sense of humor is important, not taking anything serious isn’t the way to attract a person that you admire, especially if you both want to create a long-lasting and serious relationship. Even if you’re a gregarious person, try to refrain from making jokes at inappropriate times or about topics that might make the listener uncomfortable. Instead, save your humor for casual conversation and show your serious side when the situation demands. Remember that often times, it’s simply better to say nothing at all.

3. Stalking

Having your true love is charging you with stalking is a great way to make sure you’ll never have a relationship with that person. Maybe in the movies these obsessive people end up together but, in real life, you’ll end up with a restraining order. Stalking isn’t ever taken lightly by law enforcement and you shouldn’t take it lightly either. In your quest for true love, have you harassed someone with any of the following actions?

  • Excessive or Obscene Phone Calls, Texts or Contact on Social Media
  • Sending or Delivering Unwanted Gifts
  • Following or Staking Out Someone’s Home, Work or School

If your beloved asks you to cease your displays of affection, stop immediately and distance yourself from the situation. Doing the opposite could land you in jail. Instead, if you concentrate on getting your true love’s attention in less threatening ways, you will have a much better chance at making contact and forming a relationship. Once again, you’re not the star of a rom-com. Stalkers don’t end up marrying their stalkee.

4. The Pedestal

This is a common mistake of men who don’t have much experience with women. They finally meet the right lady and immediately place her on a high, high pedestal, sometimes because he mistakenly assumes that’s what she wants. However, experience in the dating world will teach you that what women really want is a respectful equal. They don’t want to be treated like a rare gem and be constantly showered with gifts and accolades. This doesn’t free men from acting like true gentleman, though. Many ladies enjoy having car doors opened and chairs pulled, but don’t overdo it. Use these courtesies with discretion as a way to show your date respect.

5. Jealousy

It might be because of pop music and movies, but some folks seem to think that jealousy makes someone more attractive. In some peoples’ minds, acting jealous means you love someone deeply; the truth, however, is that such displays are merely a sign of insecurity, which is never attractive. If you tend to get jealous easily, it’s time to work on your self-esteem and self-confidence, which will bring you much more success when it comes to attracting your true love.

A healthy relationship revolves around trust and understanding. If you’re having jealousy issues in your relationship, talk it over. Establish guidelines with which you both agree, and don’t expect your partner to give up all of their friends or dedicate their life solely to you. If your sweetheart consistently shows you affection, attention and appreciation, you probably don’t have anything to be jealous about.

Chaleigh Glass is a writer and photographer that spends most of her days hovering over hey keyboard, typing away about everything from an attorney in El Cajon, CA to social media marketing. During her time away from the computer, Chaleigh enjoys traveling, doing photo shoots and spending time with family and friends.

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