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September 15, 2009

Anxiety About Dating

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Written by: Anna Karimo
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Dating looks relaxing when you’re on the outside peeking in. If you feel anxiety or trapped in your own relationship, the supposed freedom and ease of those enjoying the dating world is something you might long to experience. But for those in the dating trenches, it’s often not glamorous but, instead, quite stressful.

Be yourself

First, there is anxiety about what to speak about on a date, what to wear, how you are being perceived and if you have romantic feelings toward the other person or vice-versa. Just be natural and don’t feel as if you’re giving a performance every time you get ready to go out on a date. Try to look at dating as an adventure and not a chore.

In addition, single people often feel pressure from friends, co-workers and their parents to settle down and find “the one.” Sometimes, single folks dread running into someone they know in case they ask about whether you’ve found someone special.

Live in the moment

You can let people know that you’re in a dating phase and you’ll tell them if and when you find yourself in a long-term relationship. Don’t put pressure on yourself that each date has to measure up to a certain standard. Instead, just be in the moment and try to get to know the other person. Don’t worry about whether each date will turn into a long-term romance and whether you can finally tell your parents the big news. Try to enjoy yourself and listen to the other person as they talk. If nothing else, you’ll develop better communication skills and learn the art of relaxing even though your life doesn’t feel settled yet.


Many people have difficulty feeling whole if they aren’t in a relationship and they are not comfortable with this as an unresolved issue. Learning to stay centered and relax is a very good way to strengthen yourself and be at peace when outside circumstances aren’t exactly as you’d planned for at this point in your life.

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