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November 9, 2013

Do’s and Don’ts of Bar Dating

Couple Enjoying Drink Together In Bar

After years of working in the bar scene I have seen a number of things. Blind dates, relationship quarrels over too many drinks and the rare occasion when two people get together for a peaceful nightcap, to name a few. Bars are always unique places to visit, especially on a date. Watering holes can be the perfect place to relax while meeting someone new or they can be the worst place to get too carried away. No matter what the circumstance or situation there are a few things that should and should not take place. Here are some do’s and don’ts of bar dating.

  1. DO pay for your date. Guys, especially if this is your first date pay the tab. Girls, don’t take advantage of somebody paying for you. Chivalry is not dead but don’t get too accustomed to people always being so generous.
  2. DON’T drink too much! Know your limit. You may be nervous meeting someone for the first time or to see them again but nothing is less flattering then your date having to take care of you. Being yourself and having fun can still happen without getting inebriated.
  3. DON’T take shots.  Obviously this goes hand in hand with not drinking too much, but I am further reiterating shots specifically because they are disastrous in dating situations. Keep it classy. Keep it simple and stick with beer or wine, unless this is a one drink date.
  4. DO put the cell phone away. Give your date your undivided attention. You are out spending time with a physical person so make the most of it. There could be some uneasy silence but nothing that some drinking and awkward conversation can’t cure.
  5. DO go somewhere new. Choose a different spot to meet your date rather than the bar you typically frequent. You don’t want to give your date the impression that you live at a bar and it is better to start with a clean slate.
  6. DONT flirt with your bartender/server. It is one thing to be nice to whoever is serving you and a whole other thing when you are getting sweet on the people trying to work.
  7. DO be yourself. More often than not I witness anxious people downing their drinks to open up a bit. There is nothing wrong with some liquid courage but do not overdo it. Also,  don’t try to impress your date by ordering for them or being rude/aggressive with the staff. Relax, take a deep breath, grab a drink, and enjoy the company you have in front of you!


These are just a few rules to follow when you are dating at a bar. Above all keep an open mind, be yourself, and have a good time! Cheers!

About the Author

Marissa Barten
Marissa Barten is a Communication graduate from the University of Colorado in Denver. A native to Colorado and California she loves to travel and experience everything she can get her hands on. A Sicilian woman that is obsessed with music, video games, and loves to let her 'freak flag fly'! Check out what else Marissa is up to with her blog

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