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December 10, 2012

Boyfriend Girlfriend

Holding Hands

Have you been dating someone for a while?  Are wondering whether or not to have the “RDT” (Relationship Defining Talk) and become boyfriend girlfriend?  Are things seemingly great but you aren’t sure if they’re dating other people or not?  Do you want to be in an exclusive relationship with this person but are scared to ask?

These tips will help you decide if the time is right for you to have the RDT!

Me and my boyfriend/ girlfriend. Please read “boyfriend/girlfriend” is singular. If you want to be in an exclusive relationship, then set an example and only date one person at a time.  I firmly believe, “If things don’t work out organically, that’s fine but it can be detrimental to start a relationship with one foot out the door.”  Simply put, you’ll attract a like minded, relationship-ready partner if your actions align with your desires.

Great Expectations.  When you are getting ready for the RDT, think about what it means to be in a monogamous, healthy and loving relationship. Write a list of what you want in a partner and then think about yourself, are you putting out there what you want in return? This exercise can help identify your areas of strength and areas of needed improvement, which will help you in becoming a better boyfriend/girlfriend

Communicating. Be direct and honest with your partner.  Communicate with them how you’re feeling and that you want them to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. This does not guarantee you’ll get married, have kids and a white SUV, but it DOES mean you have an official PIC (partner in crime). Even though not all relationships will work, unless you try honestly and wholeheartedly, you will never know what your future holds. If your partner is not ready for the type of commitment you want, accept their choice but always be true to yourself. If you are not comfortable with what your partner proposes, be prepared to move on to find someone who’s in better alignment with you.

Relationships are always about choice. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? You consciously choose your PIC (partner in crime) and having a RDT just helps solidify that TODAY, you choose each other. You choose to explore, create, laugh and live life together for an undetermined time…so don’t be scared and always choose LOVE.



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