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October 17, 2013

Date Nights Getting Predictable? 5 Interesting Date Ideas to Mix It Up


Guest Post by Brionna Kennedy

Date nights are important opportunities to escape the grind of everyday life to focus on your significant other. However, sometimes date nights get stuck in a routine and need some effort and creative inspiration to get back on track. Read on for five ideas that will be sure to make your date night something to truly anticipate and treasure.

Get Out Into Nature
Everyone benefits from some fresh air and time spent connecting with the outdoors. Take turns choosing new trails to hike or places to picnic. If you enjoy the water, do an inner-tube float or glide across the water in a canoe. If you’re up for an adventure, rent a paddle board and learn a new skill. If you would rather remain on land, go out and pick wildflowers, or search for four leaf clovers. Bring a blanket and stay until dark. Cozy up with your loved one, watching the stars.

Give Back To Your Community
Service dates are a great way to contribute to your community. If you are a musical duo, give a free musical performance to residents of a local nursing home. Spend time afterward mingling or playing board games with residents. Deliver a meal to a family with a new baby, or mow the yard for an elderly neighbor.

Learn Something New
Educational dates are a great way to expand your horizons. Tour a local museum, planetarium, or other historical site. Attend a lecture or book signing. Read a book out loud to one another.

Enjoy Culture And Art
See a live band or attend the ballet. Tour an art gallery, or take your own painting or sculpture class. There are plenty of activities going on all the time, so branch out! Check your local city paper for ideas.

Enjoy A Delectable Date
Food-centered dates are a great way to connect. Make a meal together at home, or take a gourmet cooking class together. Trying something new is a scientifically-proven way to bond with your sweetheart. To really personalize your date, check out the private dining scene in your city, featuring restaurants which offer customized menus or events. Relish the creative culinary skills at hand.

Invest in your relationship and see your loved one in a new light. Date nights are the perfect way to keep your relationship strong. There are date possibilities for every budget and schedule. Make it a point to brainstorm some creative new ideas for time spent alone together. You may even decide to put your ideas in a jar and spontaneously pull an idea out when you feel like you need  change of pace. You could also periodically plan surprise outings for one another. The main idea is to try new things, make fond memories and appreciate each other fully.

Brionna Kennedy is native to the Pacific Northwest. She grew up in Washington and then moved down to Oregon for college. She enjoys writing about fashion and business, but any subject will do because she loves to learn about new topics. When she isn’t writing, she lives for the outdoors. Oregon has been the perfect setting to indulge her love of kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking. Brionna enjoys traveling as well, and when she found herself in Boston, she let the excellent private dining scene there inspire a lot of the ideas in this article.

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