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November 30, 2012

Dating Profile


Your online dating profile says a lot about you. It’s the first impression you give prospective dates, so you want it to be good. It’s important that you don’t give too much information away (your home address, for example, is best kept private) but you also don’t want to run the risk of it appearing sparse. Here are a few ways to make that dating profile stand out:

Be Brief

Your ability to be succinct is important. Don’t clutter your “About Me” section with your entire life story—it’s equivalent to giving the entire movie away in the trailer. What’s the point of watching if you already know the ending? Give enough of a glimpse into who you are to make a guy want to know more.

Profile Picture

Avoid the MySpace shot at all costs. No holding your phone above your head, giving your reflection duck lips. This isn’t alluring or sexy; it makes you look like an idiot. Your profile picture should be indicative of your interests. Post a picture of yourself in your natural habitat—with your friends or doing something you love. Note: If you post a picture with friends, make sure it’s clear which one you are. The last thing you want is a guy messaging you thinking he’s talking to your favorite roommate from college.

Don’t Lie

If you aren’t into rock climbing or base jumping, don’t claim you are. You don’t want to agree to a date with a guy and find yourself hyperventilating on the side of a mountain because you’re actually terrified of heights. If you don’t lie, you’re far more likely to meet a guy who you’re compatible with instead of one you have to keep up appearances with.


Don’t rattle off facts about your personality when you can show them with what you say instead. Write your dating profile in such a way that your personality shines through. It’s far more charming to crack him up with a great joke as opposed to saying “I’m funny.”

Take Action

This isn’t the 50’s and you aren’t a character on Mad Men—if you check out a guy’s dating profile and dig it, don’t hesitate to send him a message first. He’ll appreciate the initiative and learn something about you before he even clicks on your page.

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