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January 24, 2013


chinese zodiac

Below is a chart of animals and their characteristics as lovers within Chinese astrology.

There are six pairs of animals, with one member of each pair being a counterpart to the other, giving the pair a yin and yang aspect. Yin and yang is a belief prevalent throughout ancient Chinese history, and represents balance. Check out The Complete Book Of Chinese Horoscopes by Lori Reed for further insight.

Key: yang [+] = masculinity, sunlight, summer; yin [-] = femininity, darkness, night, winter

The animals of the twelve-year cycle include:

+Rats – Cunning, rats easily attract mates. Their weakness is due to a tendency of having leftover feelings for their former beloveds. But they thrive on deep connections shared in relationships.

-Oxen – Resolute, oxen are committed in relationships. Their rigidness often makes it difficult for their mates to get along with them. But they make up for it with their tender side.

+Tigers – Vigorous, tigers appear as quite the rollercoaster! Their love for thrill can get them in trouble sometimes. But they possess an invaluable quality – an ability to brighten life when it seems dark.

-Rabbits – Compassionate, rabbits cherish family. Their stead-fast lock on hiding feelings can become irritating. But they hold their loved ones close to their heart and feel things with incredible depth.

+Dragons – Majestic, dragons use their power benevolently. Their ego can sometimes affect their relationships though. But they are thoughtful in their actions, making them faithful partners.

-Snakes – Introverted, snakes require privacy and some isolation. Their retaliatory nature is ignited if their lover is dishonest. But they possess enticing beauty and romantic inclinations that burn white-hot. 

+Horses – Exuberant, horses take center-stage at many social events. Their self-governing attitudes are a turn-off at times. But they will happily settle with the right person and compromise. 

-Sheep – Delicate, sheep need understanding partners. Their unconfident and indecisive temperaments can overwhelm mates. But they emerge irresistible when their sincere warmth is revealed.

+Monkeys – Goofy, monkeys frolic in fun! Their inability to recognize hurt feelings in their antics annoys partners. But they believe in love-and-learn and grow in relationships with every experience.

-Roosters – Genuine, roosters appreciate honesty. Their high-strung obsession with detail can highly offend people. But they’ll be extremely up front with mates, which others admire them for.

+Dogs – Mindful, dogs avoid stress. Their overly cautious behavior towards the unknown makes them wary of commitment. But they are pleasant companions with a caring heart once you get to know them.

-Pigs – Flowing, pigs have universal love. Their casual personalities aren’t always revered as they’d like them to be. But they spoil their loved one with their considerate propensities.

Knowing one’s traits is helpful in having a more harmonized relationship, according to Chinese astrology.

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