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December 14, 2012

How To Flirt

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What is the key to flirting with someone new? It’s to consider all five senses. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Flirt with your eyes: It’s very easy to catch someone’s eye, but keeping them there is the tricky part. When you get that person to look you in the eye, gaze, do not stare into their eyes like a laser beam. You want to appear natural and collected, but interested yet arcane. The 3 second rule is enough to lock him in before appearing to bounce back to your train of thought.

Flirt with your ears: Everyone likes that person who listens. It’s a matter of being attentive and sensitive that’s a struggle with this one. Remember that being interested in what someone has to say can leave a lasting impression, more so than one you attempt to impart on them about yourself. How you want to come across, should shine through without any concerted effort of your own. It’s a sweet deal to get to know that someone, who is truly engaged in the conversation between the two of you.

Flirt with your scent: A lot of people have one familiar fragrance that they wear, which the other person recognizes them by. But switching it up every now and then is a fun way to flirt. If your everyday cologne is citrusy, try a crisp, earthy one. If your daily perfume is floral, then try a sweet dessert type like vanilla. Something that’s instantaneously recognizable like a new scent is a simple and charged up way to initiate spark at any stage in a relationship.

Flirt with your touch: Who doesn’t like a little knee action to get the blood pumping? If you two are sitting next to each other, touch their knee with yours to get a little contact, without being too bold, or maybe slide a little closer. It’s the individual internalization of a subtle action that keeps you fresh in the other person’s mind. A touch can even ignite a bigger reaction.

Flirt with your taste: If you can involve something sweet or savory on the date, that’s absolutely decadent, it’s a great way to make a strong mental connection. To feed each other is a typical way to be intimate. If you want to be more charming, accidentally smear a little on your chin, cheek, lip, or tip of nose, and have the other person lick it off for you. It’s a lot sexy and a lot forward. And can lead to a killer make out session. Bon appetite!

The next time you are with that certain someone, think of all five senses, and flirt with confidence and casualness.

About the Author

Samantha Daniel
Samantha Daniel is a Colorado native, attending Metro State University majoring in technical communication, with emphases in writing and editing. Her passion for relationships, dating, and romance unfolds in her articles.

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