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December 14, 2012

How to Tell When It’s Over


You might think that it’s easy to tell when it’s over between you and your guy. You should know when you’re no longer happy together, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t always that simple. Even when the relationship is starting to head south, you still care about your partner and it can be hard to acknowledge that things aren’t going so well anymore. You still have fun together sometimes, right? Maybe it’s just a rough patch? Here are some signs that it’s time to move on.

Spending Less Time Together

When you first got together, you wanted to spend every second possible together. As time goes by, it’s normal to have more time apart – you have family, friendships, work, and other obligations to attend to. However, when you notice that your time together has dwindled, or you feel happy when your partner is busy, it’s a sign that you’re not as committed to each other as you once were.

Being Annoyed

Have you started to find little things that your partner does annoying? His habit of constantly quoting movies used to seem so adorable, but now you’re wondering if he just can’t come up with original thoughts. It’s normal to get frustrated with your partner sometimes, but if small things like, say, biting his lip when he’s nervous suddenly seem infuriating, it usually means there are deeper issues.

Thinking of Other People

Everyone, even in a happy relationship, will fantasize about that hunk in the latest chick flick or the cute barista you saw the other day. When you start comparing them to your current boyfriend, however, it can indicate that you’re ready to move on. If you find yourself imagining how much happier you’d be with someone else, it might be time to see if you’re right.

Being unhappy of frustrated in a relationship doesn’t always mean it’s over. You shouldn’t go running every time things are less than perfect. When you find yourself withdrawing from your boyfriend and less interested in fixing the issues, however, it is time to think about moving on. The worst thing you can do – for both of you – is let it drag on when you’re not really committed anymore. It’s not fair to either of you. And when that cute barista asks you out, you want to be able to say yes – guilt free.

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