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September 6, 2013

Ladies Making the First Move

Confident Lady with Man in Cafe

Chivalry isn’t dead, but sometimes it’s just as fun for a lady to make the first move. Have you ever been out and found someone attractive but then didn’t know how to show your interest? Here are a couple of ideas to help you capture that certain someones’ eye while keeping your femininity.

First and foremost, do not doubt yourself! Having great self-confidence goes a long way in the flirting game. Also, don’t overthink it. If you think the guy across the bar is cute, make eye contact and try to hold his gaze. This will show him that you are interested in pursuing more.

If you can’t get his attention with your eyes, it’s time to take charge and start talking. But make sure that you take the initiative because you want to: don’t let your friends push you to do something that you’re not comfortable doing. Friends that are already in relationships love to try to set up their friends with dates, but their judgement could be a little skewed and their approach is often too pushy, which will possibly give you an unnecessary case of nerves. Try to relax. Remember that the worst that can happen is that he says no. No matter why he turns you down, keep your head high. However, it’s far more likely that he’ll think you’re an intriguing and confident woman for approaching him first. So embrace that inner goddess! Be striking, confident and go for it. There’s no harm in trying.

Start talking about anything in a way that comes naturally to you, so that he’ll see your charming personality. An old-fashioned “How are you doing tonight? My name is ______” is always a great way to start. If that’s a little too forward for your taste, make it less direct by asking to sit at an open chair that’s nearby or asking what he’s drinking. Openers like these are a great way to casually show people that you’re interested and would like to start talking. Stay open-minded and see where the conversation leads. If he is being short with his replies, take it as a hint to move on to another prospect. No biggie. Don’t force anything or try set your expectations too high.

Eye contact, body language and conversation are the most important weapons that every woman has, so use them to your advantage! ¬†Women, especially in this generation, are more direct and independent than ever before. You don’t need to wait for a man to court you.¬†Let your wall down and dive into dating.

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Marissa Barten
Marissa Barten is a Communication graduate from the University of Colorado in Denver. A native to Colorado and California she loves to travel and experience everything she can get her hands on. A Sicilian woman that is obsessed with music, video games, and loves to let her 'freak flag fly'! Check out what else Marissa is up to with her blog

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