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November 15, 2009

Money and Relationship

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Written by: Anna Karimo
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Money is one of the biggest reasons relationships break up, so it’s good to be on the same page about this if you are thinking about not only getting serious with someone but just even having a first date.
In years past, people who liked to save money were called frugal. Now these days woman would call man stingy or cheap or would think he’s not that into her if he doesn’t spend money on entertaining during dating her.

A person may be frugal for a variety of reasons, including their own parents’ spending habits, their future retirement, or a fear of job insecurity and company downsizing. In times of economic strife, being frugal is looked upon as necessary rather than a choice.

Be confident to entertain woman on what you can afford and she will never call you cheap

A woman has to understand what her man can afford. She does not want to date a guy who spends all his money on the date and not have enough to pay his bills.

A man has to understand that just because this woman came from a different background, that doesn’t mean he has to do something that she used to in her lifestyle. He needs to entertain her on what he can afford but make it romantic and exciting.

The best ways to be confident with what you can offer to a woman are plenty of interesting and inexpensive date can be presented to any woman and any status. If she is not interesting in dating you because you can not take her to an expensive restaurant, it is obvious she is not for you.

How to break the ice on different opinions in money

If you and the person you’re serious with have different attitudes about money, then it’s a good sign if you can joke about your differences and not glare at each other from across the dinner table.

Accept that your date might have a different approach on money

Everyone grew up in different circumstances. If your parents took the family out to dinner regularly, then that may be part of your lifestyle. But to another person, eating out is something reserved for special occasions.

Having a date who is a coupon clipper can be seen as restrictive if you aren’t used to that perspective. A different approach towards money can be complementary and not necessarily something to fight about. For instance, you might actually enjoy that your date has coupons when you go to restaurants or movies and that you don’t have to pore through newspapers to find the best deals.

But when does someone being careful with their money turn into the accusation of being cheap or stingy? There is no hard and fast rule on this topic. Many of our reactions have to do with our personal preferences and our family backgrounds.

 No need to argue over money differences. Learn a new perspective on money and compromise

Do you argue and lock horns over some of your differences? How much do you really care about some of the things you’re arguing about?

Step back and picture yourself not dating this person and what your life would then be like. Also think about your “ideal” date and ask yourself if you may be creating a fictional dream date by wanting a situation without having to compromise or work through difficulties. Is this realistic?

Remember, you can always learn from different perspective about yourself and how you relate to money. You can always find something magical from the other perspective or teach them something new that is fun about money, just be open minded and never judge.

What is the bottom line you can not deal with your date and differences on money

If something is constantly nagging at you about the person you’re dating, ask yourself how important the issue really is to you. Will you always be frustrated by the emphasis on cutting costs and not be able to relax or have a sense of humor about it? If you can’t see his other qualities and find yourself constantly nagging him whether out loud or just in your head, then this relationship probably won’t work out at this time in your life.

When you can overlook certain things, be able to laugh at yourself and the other person, and then a difference in spending habits won’t make an impact on the chance of your relationship succeeding.

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