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November 8, 2013

Niche Dating: Zombies, Vampires, Ponies and More!

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Written by: Chris Brown
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There is something for everyone…and someone for everyone…but what if you are lucky enough to get that special someone who is also interested in your quirky things?  With the Internet, more possibilities are becoming realities…down to a niche.  In addition to the Internet, there are local communities making niche dating a possibility as well, simply by hosting particular events.  Niches/venues I am referring to for a date (or relationship) include but aren’t limited to: zombies, vampires, cartoons and Comic Con.  Personally, I would not be interested in trying to develop a relationship based on one particular detail of my personality…but perhaps other people take the roll more seriously, or simply put, to each their own.  For a date when traveling…could be fun!

Zombies are my personal favorite!  I have personally had two unplanned dates on Halloween, meeting each other in costume, and progressing through the evening: the first ending the next morning after attending an all-night party; the second ended after getting a drink and discovering there was no attraction whatsoever except for the costumes (and probably some mental aspects as well).  For those who are really into zombies and would like to pursue dating someone who is as into zombies as you are, try these: , , (or search for more).

Though I didn’t use any website to obtain it, my personal luck in zombie dating happened in Moscow, Russia (2012).  I met my zombie-date at the restaurant she worked at (an American chain).  Arriving to the restaurant with my makeup complete except for any blood, my friends and I were sat at our table and we ordered our food and drink.  A waitress from another section came up to our table and held out her hand to give me something; I held my hand open to accept what she had to offer.  After seeing they were blood capsules, I put them both in my mouth.  My friends were shocked at this, and since they didn’t know what she gave me, I pretended to swallow them.  When she came back five minutes later we sure gave my friends a surprise.  That was the start of a great night of partying in Moscow on Halloween with a fun Alice zombie.  We still communicate through VKontakte (the Russian equivalent of Facebook) occasionally, but that was a great night and I made some other new friends as well.  The pertinent details of my second zombie-date experience were listed previously.  Though zombies are my favorite costume to dress up in, I don’t find them attractive per se…

…though vampires are another story entirely.  Part of their fright-factor is most certainly how attractive/alluring/captivating/etc. they are!  Have you ever heard of a non-charismatic or plain vampire (except Nosferatu)?  Advice I offer (and would follow) concerning the use of these (or ANY) dating websites, is to be very selective, and to get a VERY good idea of who the person is before spending any time alone with them…some people have difficulties distinguishing reality from fantasy.  For those of you interested in looking further into vampire dating/relationships, give or , (or again, search for more).

Not into zombies or vampires, but enjoy the idea of dating people into anime?  Your websites are out there too: and  , (or…).  If you prefer something softer yet, there is a My Little Pony dating website,, which just opened 10/10/13!  This list is certainly not exhaustive, and doesn’t contain some of the more “out there” niches.  For more information on nice dating, simply do a search for “niche dating” and read more…or find your niche dating site.

Looking up information concerning Comic Con, there were no websites (since it is limited to a number of days, and a specific place)…however there is a plethora of literature, recommendations and mini-events concerning attending the event as a single person who might be looking for someone else of like mind: from speed-dating venues to perspectives written by women to people listing it in their profiles on OKCupid or POF, ad infinitum.  Don’t fret if your particular niche isn’t out there yet…based on the rise of niche dating sites, I’m sure one is on the way.  In addition to the few tips listed here, my hope is that everyone has also read the tips from my first article on NouveauDating regarding some basic online dating tips and how to avoid dating scam websites.

Be safe…have fun!

** The dating/social websites listed in this article are not recommended nor endorsed by or Chris Brown.  They are provided as a springboard for any people interested in pursuing their interests further.


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