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March 19, 2013

On Cheating – Just Dump Them First!

On Cheating

Cheating is unfortunately common in our society. Infidelity is just one of those things that sort of “exists.” Research shows that both men and women are prone to being unfaithful – there is no proof that men necessarily cheat more often than women or that women are more faithful. Basically everyone does it in some way in their lifespan – whether they cheat on their significant other physically or emotionally – or even if they become the other woman/man – their actions are simply not morally sound.

So why do people do it? Is it based off of sex drive? Low self-esteem? Desire to hurt before being hurt? Who cares! Let’s all just stop! I have personally been the other woman more times than I would care to admit, and every single time, I feel like vomiting all over the world after the act is said and done. It’s incredibly disrespectful to put your significant other in that place, and it’s almost as disrespectful to put the other woman/man in their respective place. When you cheat, you tell BOTH people that they’re not important to you in any real way.

If “everyone” cheats – then why shouldn’t you? Well, there are a couple of reasons, and they all boil down to the same one – karma. Even if you don’t believe in karma itself, you should believe in having a solid moral standing. And cheating on someone (or helping someone cheat on someone) is simply immoral. If you’re really that tempted, just break up with them, already! There is no reason to hurt someone to that extent and, ultimately, drastically affect their self-worth (most likely). But if you’re really tempted to cheat, take a look inside instead of focusing on the flaws around you. You, most likely, have some chronic self-esteem issue that’s sabotaging your relationships. And if you don’t, then something else is most definitely wrong. Because there’s no point in being in a relationship if your ultimate goal is for it to end (and cheating will get you there).

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Hannah Goodman
Hannah's inherent interest in human relationships inspired her to study psychology at CU. She plans to take that passion and focus with her to graduate school, where she will pursue a degree in writing and will continue to write her memoir on her past relations.

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