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April 25, 2013

Opening Up Your Relationship


Have you and your spouse ever thought of having an open relationship?  This means that you’re allowed to have sex with other people while remaining together.  It can be a scary road to walk down, but if you agree and do it with the right attitude, it can be mutually beneficial.

Setting the Tone

You need to be on the same page with your other half during this transition.  Don’t leave room for gray areas because you might run into trouble down the road.  Some ground rules might be:

  • You both have to know the third party
    If you want no mystery whatsoever surrounding the sex life of you and your partner, leave it all out in the open.  If you meet someone you want have sex with, introduce them to your spouse and get their consent.
  • Do it together
    Why not?  If you can find two people willing to test their sexual boundaries, make it a party and have a mini orgy!  Just be safe about it.
  • No mutual friends
    Things can get hairy if your spouse starts having sex with someone you both know.  Save the friendship, and go hunting elsewhere.

Staying true

Both you and your spouse are talking a huge risk by opening up your sex lives, so make sure your relationship is solid as a rock first.  The worst-case scenario is your spouse falls in love with someone after having a great sexual experience.  Avoid this by constantly talking to each other about the situation.  Remember to stay truthful and honest.

Letting Loose

Once you make the decision to be in an open relationship, take a deep breath, and look around at all the potential people you could be shacking up with.  It’s exciting, scary, and overwhelming. There’s no rush to start looking for other sexual partners, so let them come to you.  It will be more satisfying and natural when it happens.

The Benefits

If your relationship can sustain the pressure of multiple sexual partners, then there’s nothing you can’t handle together.  Having sex with other people opens your mind and changes your perspective on life.  At the very least, it will expand your repertoire of bedroom tricks, and your spouse will thank you for that.  If you think you’re mature enough to handle it, bring the idea of an open relationship up to your spouse and gauge their reaction.  If they lash out and call you unfaithful, you might have to wait a bit longer to discuss the topic.  If they’re receptive, your relationship might get real spicy, really soon.



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About the Author

Chase Greene
is a freelance journalist based in Denver. In 2012, he biked, camped, and hitchhiked his way from Massachusetts to Colorado with his girlfriend. Now he shares relationship advice, from the male point of view, in the hopes of improving relationships everywhere!

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