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November 12, 2012

Second Date


So you’ve gotten past the dreaded first date and—surprise! It was incredible. He was Cary Grant reincarnated, you were as charming as Katharine Hepburn, and before the night ended you’d already made plans to see each other again. You’re full of confidence and excitement—as well you should be, but try not to get too cocky just yet. Here are five things to remember to have an equally incredible second date…and lock in the third.


Don’t start spilling your guts about your exes. Eventually, there may be a time and place that this conversation may be appropriate (emphasis on MAY) but the second date is definitely not it. He wants to get to know all the wonderfully interesting things about YOU—not what a giant douche your last five exes were. If you start griping about past failed relationships, you’re dooming this one to a prematurely failed future.

Deal Breakers

Don’t get into deep, heavy conversation on the second date. Things like religion and politics can be deal breakers for a lot of people right off the bat, which is silly because you could potentially miss out on a great guy simply because he’s an atheist and you’re not. Take this opportunity to get to know HIM, not his stances. Keep it light, and that will keep it fun.


Don’t. Just don’t. At this point, you likely know a grand total of five things about each other—and these aren’t even big things. You’re both treading  water in the earliest stages of a relationship, and if you start calling him Duckling, he will probably (and justifiably) flee the scene.

Be Mysterious

A little mystery never hurt anyone, and definitely not this early in the game. Of course it’s important to be yourself, but playing your cards close to the vest can only work to your benefit right now—and let’s be honest, he doesn’t need to know you didn’t shave your legs for a week before tonight, or about your irrational fear of midgets just yet.


At the end of it, remember, it’s only a second date, and should not be cause for panic. Relax, enjoy your time together, and stop worrying about where the relationship is going—that’s the best way for it to actually go somewhere.

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